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Replacement of the Verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal. Holocaust

I continue briefly:  The verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal was announced on September 30, 1946. The text of the sentence included 25 million dead of the USSR and there were no 6 million Jews. In 1947-48, the text of the sentence was changed, where 25 million of the USSR disappeared and 6 million Jews of the Holocaust appeared.

  In detail, translated by Ben Vladyko:
  The verdict of the Nuremberg military tribune was announced on September 30, 1946. A special correspondent for the newspaper Pravda makes a publication about the text of the sentence. The newspaper Pravda is read by the entire Soviet people and Comrade Stalin. Errors are not allowed. Office Comrade Beria is working properly. The editors accepted the article only if it was checked and signed by the prosecutor Rudenko for publication - the prosecutor from the USSR at the trial. Who doubts this?

  On October 3, 1946, an article was published by the special correspondent of the newspaper Pravda at the Nuremberg Trials V.Velichko at No. 235: Crime And Punishment. Nuremberg October 1, 1946 / Pravda newspaper October 3, No. 235. A fragment of the article is shown in the photo. A copy of the newspaper is certified by the signature and seal of a scientific library in Samara.

Photo 1. Article V. Velichko “Crime and Punishment”. Nuremberg October 1, 1946 / Pravda newspaper October 3, No. 235.

Photo 2. Fragment of the article with figures of the losses of the USSR.
An article in the newspaper Pravda dated October 3, 1946 reports on the killed citizens of the USSR and does not report on the killed 6 million Jews. The text contains a group of numbers that allows you to identify the verdict announced at the Tribunal on September 30, 1946:
- 15 million civilians killed;
- 10 million died in the fields of war.
- 275 thousand elderly and sick are killed by poison.
- 7 million stolen into slavery.
Western newspapers at the same time report on the Nuremberg sentence that 2 million Germans were declared guilty and 1 million Germans sentenced to death.

Title: A MILLION LITTLE MEN FACE TRIALNewspaper: Daily Herald, date: 01 October 1946.Country: London, England
Summary: They were former members of the S.A.-the Storm Battalions-cleared of criminality by the Nuremberg Tribunal. But about 1.000.000 other little men became liable to the death sentence.
Information: When checking information on newspapers, it is necessary to take into account only daily major metropolitan publications. In the 20th century, the Anglo-Saxons actively used falsification by printing supplements to newspapers and retroactively issuing provincial newspapers. Example: The abdication of Nicholas II - an appendix to the newspaper in Russia.

War criminals were hanged on the original sentence - for our 25 million dead on October 16, 1946.

Why is the restriction of 1948? Firstly, this is due to the fact that Israel has already been created and there is no sense in further falsification. Secondly, in early February 1949, Beria reported to Stalin that the necessary product for creating a nuclear bomb went into mass production and already in February 1949, mass arrests of Trotskyists - American Jewish agents and all those who were somehow connected with the Joint (Jews) for Khazaria).
1949 - NATO Block created.
In 1951, a collection of documents of the Nuremberg trials was published in two volumes: the Nuremberg trials. Collection of materials. / Edited by: Golunsky S.A., Gorshenin K.P., Nikitchenko I.T., Safonov G.N. - M .: Gosyurizdat, 1951. The circulation is relatively small and until recently the content was known only to a narrow circle of lawyers. This has not been widely taught.
This edition contains an amended text of the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal 1947-48. The text does not contain the 25 million dead of the USSR that we all have always heard during Brezhnev’s time, but there are 6 million dead Jews. The spears still break today along these two lines in the text, see photo 4.

Photo 3. 1951 edition.

Photo 4.A fragment of the text about 6 million Jews, p. 481.
"... killed in the POINTS for the extermination of people."
USSR Prosecutor's office, prosecutors Nikitchenko I.T. and Rudenko R.A. they couldn’t leave the matter in such an ugly form, and therefore in the first volume they give a whole chapter, which is called: “Secret points of extermination of people” (see photo 5). At the same time, protocols of interrogations of the same witnesses, which tell about 6 million dead, are told about secret points. I.e., That is, 6 million Jews were killed, but no one saw this. This must be concluded to the reader.

Photo 5. Chapter "Secret points ...".

When you open this chapter, the first thing that catches your eye is the end of the previous chapter of the following content (see photo 6).

Photo 6.Instructions for resolving the Jewish question.
And yet this text is somewhat surprising. What did they actually do there, if today the American Jewish sect Chabad from New York (Berl Lazar and Co.) demands to recognize the war criminal Canaris as the righteous of the world?

Photo 7.Text about the resettlement of Jews to settle the fictitious Jews of Khazaria?
Here we should stop and think carefully about the topic that before the German attack on the USSR, Jews were driven from Europe to the USSR and 72% of all Jews deported from Europe who were arbitrarily included in the account of Holocaust victims were driven to us historians. They were not killed, as the Poles talk about today and give an overview, based on the results of the analysis of archives in the city of Samara (Spare capital - Kuibyshev). Machine translation from Polish
From the materials of the Nuremberg trials, the persecution of Jews has three stages:
1. ... until 1940, the general directive was to solve the Jewish question in Germany and the areas it occupied by means of a planned eviction.
2. The second phase began from this time: the concentration of all Jews in Poland and other eastern regions occupied by Germany, and moreover in the form of a ghetto. This period lasted until approximately the beginning of 1942.
3. The third period was the so-called “final solution of the Jewish question,” that is, the systematic destruction of the Jewish people. This period lasted until October 1944, when Himmler gave the order to stop this destruction.
That is, the so-called Holocaust has a time limit - from April 1942 to October 1944. During this period, 4 million Jews were killed in secret places. April 1942 is the order "On the final solution of the Jewish question." The tribunal did not see the order. Information from the witness.Ending - October 1944, also according to the witness. Eichmann, referred to by witnesses, was not questioned by the tribunal. Obviously, with such weak evidence, this should not have been included in the text of the sentence, which took into account citizens of countries, rather than nationality.
In total, we know from the USSR prosecutor’s office: By the Holocaust we mean the murder of 6 million Jews, of which 4 million were killed in secret places that no one saw in the period from April 1942 to October 1944.
Who today wants to challenge the verdict of the Nuremberg trials even in such a crooked edition?
In the USSR, this topic was never discussed and in history textbooks they did not even write about it, so as not to embarrass students. There is no and never was a holocaust in the historical science of the USSR. See "History of the Second World War 1939-1945." In 12 t. T. 10. / Ministry of Defense of the USSR, Moscow: Military Publishing, 1979. - 543 p.: 73 p. ill., cards.
In view of the foregoing, the international Jewish organized crime group and other Zionists sat quietly and did not protrude. They know that our archive contains the original text of September 30, 1946. The gang was quiet until 1998 and suddenly sued in a New York court demanding payment of money from Swiss banks for the Holocaust of Jews in World War II.

August 13, 1998, New York. Holocaust victims and their relatives announce a settlement with Swiss banks. Swiss banks are "trying to hinder the establishment of justice and the disclosure of truth" in the case of the illegal freezing of Jewish money in their accounts during the Holocaust. Such a verdict was passed by Edward Korman, judge of the Brooklyn District Court of the United States last Thursday. New York newspapers today publish the text of his decision. According to the judge, “Swiss banks remind us of one well-known theory, according to which any monstrous lie acquires credibility with frequent repetition. The big lie of Swiss banks is that they did not commit serious offenses during the time of the Nazis. ”
Judge Korman oversees the implementation of the settlement agreement between Swiss banks and Jews affected by the Holocaust to pay compensation in the amount of $ 1.25 billion in the 1998 lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that Holocaust victims and their families were unable to get money from Swiss banks6 that they deposited there the day before and during the Holocaust.
(This, by the way, may be the legalization of money obtained by criminal means - by a court decision. There is such a sign in the Bank of Russia)
The court in New York determined that the victims of the Holocaust are: Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals and the mentally ill.
Why the holocaust suddenlygot a promotion? Everything is simple! The state archives of Russia were captured and thousands of documents from the time of Stalin were thrown there. This was described in detail by the former prosecutor of the USSR, V. Ilyukhin. Ilyukhin reports: For fakes in the archives they used genuine typewriters, seals, stamps, letterheads of the period of Stalin's life.

Ilyukhin's speech in the state Duma of Russia

And now what have we seen now? We request the State archive of the Russian Federation and scan the text of the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal with a resolution of 300 dpi. The text of the sentence changes again. Now the text is: "... killed in the INSTITUTIONS for the extermination of people." See: The text does not have the signatures of Rudenko and other employees of the USSR prosecutor's office, there is no data from the secretariat - nothing. This is just the typewriter text It corresponds to the   7  modern American version of the sentence. The page of interest to all - 162 (download).

Photo 8. Fragment of page 162 of the Nuremberg trial verdict.

I draw your attention to the fact that this text is printed on a faulty typewriter (there is no hard sign), not through a carbon copy, but this is the first copy without signatures and seals, which corresponds to the description of fakes, as V. Ilyukhin said. This is a blatant fake!
And here is another thing that Ilyukhin mentioned - about the Katyn case.

Photo 9. A fragment of a document on the Katyn case, which is available on the website of the Federal Archival Agency of the Russian Federation
It is this document that President Medvedev handed over to Poland. The forensic experts of Poland immediately pointed out to the Russian experts a forgery.

Former rabbi Eduard Hodos on the Holocaust as a result of media work and propaganda. The theme of the Holocaust began only in 1998, and it seems to everyone that a long time ago
Promotion of the word Holocaust in Russian began in 2000. The content is constantly changing. On the page on the Internet at the URL, an article by L. Gruzberg “The Holocaust: On the process of approving a word in Russian” is presented for philologists.
Since this whole topic has a great public resonance and a very important socio-political significance, it is addressed to Andrei AlexandrovichKlishas, ​​a Russian political figure, member of the Federation Council since March 19, 2012, doctor of legal sciences,   8professor, specialist in constitutional law, theory state and law. Klishas is the plenipotentiary of the Council of the Federation in the8Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

Photo 10. Klishas A.A.
Expert Kolmykov gave the following search recommendations in the case: It is necessary to restore the original text of the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal, as it was announced on September 30, 1946. To do this, it is advisable to use filming and sound recording of the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and news agencies, shorthand on September 30, 1946.
An answer was received that the appeal was examined and submitted to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation (download).
History: The Holocaust of 6 million Jews in newspapers began to be described from the middle of the 19th century. Russia is also in such publications, and it turns out that we also killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust of 1921.

Photo 11. Holocaust reports 6 million Jews in the New York Times.

Photo 12. Report on the Holocaust of Jews in Russia, 1921. The New York Times archive is checked, there is such a publication.

Mid-1920 - Invaders are beaten mercilessly. In autumn they killed the entire headquarters of the Anglo-Saxons. The press service of the invaders - John Reed, the head of the Moscow region - Inessa  Armand - in one grave on Red Square. Apparently the city hall in Moscow was stormed and killed all at once.

1921 is an uprising in Kronstadt and beyond everywhere. Churchill paints chemical munitions for use in suppressing uprisings - he paints everything by the piece. They lost power and the Holocaust appeared with the accusation of Russia - the same 6 million Jews.

The author of the article

expert Anton Kolmykov,

speaker at the International Forensic Science Conference 2013 of the Moscow State Law Academy on the topic “Falsification of documents by the US occupation regime in Russia”, author of the article: “Revision of the Nuremberg Trials” in the international peer-reviewed US scientific journal

Article source, expertise of Russia

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