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Falsification of the Nuremberg Tribunal Verdict Text


Announcement: The verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal was announced September 30, 1946. Later, the text of the sentence was falsified. The famous victims of the USSR disappeared from the text – instead of the 26 million citizens of the USSR 6 million Jews appeared.

Addition to the article:

The photo shows a booklet of the memorial of the Buchenwald concentration camp of 1974 edition in Russian. The booklet tells about the concentration camp. Opponents of the Hitler regime,oppositionists, anti-fascists, and communists were placed in the concentration camp. After the outbreak of war with the USSR in 1941, Soviet prisoners of war were kept there. The smallest ration in the concentration camp was among Russian prisoners of war. By the amount of rationing can be judged the order of genocide. In the first place were the Slavs – the Russians and the Poles.

Jews were massively collected in a concentration camp only once - in 1938, after the "Crystal Night". The Jews were not deprived of their clothes and money. They complained about small rations and that it was expensive to buy food at a local store and in a cafe.

This does not correspond to the period of the Holocaust - from April 1942 (“The Order on the Final Solution of the Jewish Question”) until the autumn of 1944 (End of Eichmann's calculations).

About the text of the sentence in the newspapers of the West:
Publications about the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal should be read only in the central, major newspapers of 1946. England and the United States in the 20th century widely used the practice of falsifying history. For this purpose, they printed editions of minor provincial newspapers and appendices to these publications in hindsight. For example, you can see information about Lenin and the revolution in Russia.

  Until 1924, the leader of the Bolsheviks was Nikolai Lenin. All publications in newspapers about Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin are backdating publications - a fake publication of newspapers and magazines by the special services of England and the USA. Nikolai Lenin became Vladimir Ulyanov only in an obituary after his death. In Moscow, the archive contains documents of the Che Ka with the interrogations of the leaders of the Bolsheviks. Everybody is asked a question: Who thought up to call Lenin Ulyanov? The Bolsheviks in the USSR (Trotsky, Kamenev, Bukharin, etc.) did not know this and categorically denied their involvement in this falsification (Report at the International Conference of Forensic Examination, Russia, Moscow, Moscow State Law Academy, 2013. Report: “Falsification of documents by the US occupation regime in Russia ").


A similar situation is with the falsification of the text of the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal. According to criminologists in Russia, the text of the sentence in the State Archive of the USSR.
  Was replaced in the period about 1993-1998 by the American version of the sentence with 6 million Jews. Widely known in the USSR, Russia, 26 million Soviet citizens disappeared from the text of the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal and 6 million Jews appeared. Miracles!

The trial in New York in 1998-1999 about the victims of the Holocaust and the payments of Swiss banks was apparently only started when the text of the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal was replaced in the archives of the United States, Great Britain and Russia. The latest archive was Russia. Only after that did the scammers attack the Swiss banks! Before they were afraid of being exposed and were unsure. Today, law enforcement officials of the European Union need to start an investigation. After Brexit, nothing else prevents this from happening.


A.N.Kolmykov,  Specialist in the field of forensic examination and forensic science, Russia, Samara.
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