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Opposition Leaders Contests - Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini ...

In the autumn of 1915, on a bright sunny day, 38 ornithologists gathered at a conference in the village of Zimmerwald in Switzerland. In fact, these people were not any ornithologists. It was a congress of representatives of various left-wing socialists in Europe. The “customer” listened to the speakers and made a decision on who he would finance further, who would most clearly speak and be able to create the necessary information background for future robbery and genocide in Russia.

At the conference, Nikolai Lenin won the contest (probably Jacob Richter, from England) and later Trotsky was connected to it - (Leibа Bronstein, from the USA), as a brighter publicist and а tribune.

The capture of Germany and Russia was a joint project of the United States and England. Each of the parties has exhibited its own actor (leader). The role of Switzerland is also great, but historians have not yet disclosed it. The Jews, in turn, insist that they did everything, and are legally irresponsible - no one is to blame. The Jews in every way impede an objective investigation and, together with the Anglo-Saxons, all together they accuse the Jews. Example: Benjamin Friedman’s speech at the Willard Hotel, 1961:

English intelligence trained revolutionaries for all revolutions in Europe and for Turkey and China in the same way. In Zimmerwald, intelligence officers presented to their leaders the results of their work, future cadres who would act as supposedly organizers and leaders of future revolutions in Russia, in Germany, in Austria-Hungary, etc. It was a "review before going into battle" against the peoples of Europe, Russia in the First World War.

Later, in 1934, in the city of Montreux, Switzerland (1934, Montreux Fascist conference), the same way the Nazi congress was held to organize the Second World War. The customer chose those teams that would be further funded and fulfill the role of the leaders of the Fascist-Nazi states. Mussolini and others were chosen there. Hitler practically was not chosen, because he was a reference model - literally from England’s intelligence itself.

Nazi groups that did not receive funding, either joined the winners of the competition, or ceased to exist without money and access to the media.

The winners of the Nazi show in 1934.

Somewhere alongside them, a famous fighter for the freedom of Ukraine, a German citizen Stepan Bandera, was running.

It is necessary to check, perhaps this photograph of Bandera was taken on the site at the Montreux Castle.

Switzerland’s role in history is very interesting. Not far from Montreux is the mystical center of Jewish history - Zion. This is probably the place described in the Old Testament, and not Palestine at all. This topic requires separate study.

  At the beginning of the 20th century, the university in Lausanne was the most advanced institution of higher education for training criminalists for all of Europe. There was organized a systematic training methods for identification, used by criminologists, police of the whole world today. These are the key techniques of expert research, such as the identification of persons from photographs, handwriting, fingerprinting, and trasology. They are not the ones who invented all this, but Lausanne became a university, where specialists were trained for Europe and for Russia as well. For example, handwriting identification at the beginning of the 20th century was already used in Russia according to the books by Burinsky and others as well, but in Lausanne it was systematized and started to teach the police structures - for criminologists.

At the university in Lausanne, there was also a medical faculty. Two graduates of this faculty in 1914 - the couple just lived in this very castle in Montreux, where the 1934 Nazi Congress took place. Revolutionaries gathered here - Jews like Lunacharsky and Co., in preparation for the 1917 revolution. You do not need to have a lot of mind to guess the specialization of this pair of doctors. They were engaged in plastic surgery to change the appearance in order to prevent identification by methods known in Lausanne. It is known that they conducted medical practice. The appearance of the physicians is similar to Ashkenazi Jews.

What did the British promise to all those revolutionaries and fascists? They promised them impunity after all this work was done in the attacked countries. They presented to them these two Jews in mind at Montreux Castle, as experts who will help to evade responsibility in the future? But was it used in practice?
What did the British promise all these revolutionaries and fascists? They promised them impunity after all this work was done in the attacked countries. They presented to them those two who looked like Jews  at Montreux Castle, as experts who would help to evade responsibility in the future. But was it used in practice?

   When Mussolini fled from Italy, he fled along Lake Geneva apparently to meet with this Jewish couple and for new documents. Mussolini was met by an English intelligence officer and he just shot him. Why does England need this work-out material? England always kills worked-out material : Gapon, Mussolini, Trotsky, Berezovsky, etc. They were all killed. Gapon's suicide is a picture in the protocol of the inspection of the scene of the incident. This is practically Berezovsky hanging on a scarf in the bathroom.

Interestingly, the German forensic experts did not find any samples of the handwritten text written by Hitler. Proven were only three signatures on behalf of Hitler, which he gave as autographs in the presence of a witness being filmed. Hitler either intentionally left no traces, including handwriting, or he never learned to write in German. Apparently, Hitler is not a German corporal Schicklgruber, but a Jew from London - a relative of a family close to the royal family of England. Recently there was a scandal about this in the royal family.

Jews seized power in London 600 years ago

At the Nuremberg trial they tried to find out who wrote the book Mein Kamph? Rudolf Hess said that it was Hitler who dictated the book to him when the two of them were in prison. That’s because the handwriting is not Hitler’s. Why is there no data on comparison with Hess’s handwriting? England and Churchill before this demanded not to carry out the Nuremberg trial, but to kill the leaders of Germany without any trial. This is not surprising. The backbone of the German SS officers in the 1930s were trained by British officers in camps near Paris. The training was conducted according to the system of totalitarian sects and one of the teachers in one of the camps was Stalin’s famous acquaintance Georgy Gurdjieff.

Gurdjieff was a very reliable and trusted source of information for Stalin. Gurdjieff was one of the teachers of the training system since the revolution in Turkey. He personally knew the highest rank of officers of the British intelligence service and the SS of Germany, could receive information directly, and did it.

Gurdjieff knew a lot. Allegorically and figuratively, in oriental and Russian style, he recorded information for us in his books. We know from him:

1. Earlier revolutionaries were destroyed.

2. Approximately 250 years ago (today it’s 350 years), the Anglo-Jewish gang began to look for and professionally prepare maniacs for their revolutions - revolutionaries were deemed necessary and useful.

3. The practices of the East and the West were used, but everything gave mediocre results until the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when pharmacology first gave outstanding medicines for these purposes. Is it about drugs? Synthetics?

  Despite the successes of pharmacology, Churchill complained during World War II that such massive sadism and genocide, which Jews in Russia showed after 1917 with minimal training, was not shown by German SS officers on the Eastern Front. Pharmacology is clearly not enough. There must also be schizophrenia and an appropriate national culture, upbringing.

Saakashvili looks at an exposition in the Chabad Jewish Museum. Written: "The Jews in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, UPA (in Hitler's Army)".

Gurdjieff died (was killed) in an American hospital near Paris after World War II. He died obviously not by chance. The traces of the preparation of the First World War after the war were cleared by 600-800 officers from the USA and England. After the Second World War, 1,200 officers from the United States and England conducted a sweep. They killed not only participants of key events and accomplices-organizers, but also archives were cleared. For example: "The Foundation for the Memory of Children of War" or "The Foundation for Struggle for Peace", "The Fund for Prisoners of Concentration Camps" gives a grant to work out a given topic. The historian prepares a scientific article with all the links. Then the historian, the article and all sources under links are destroyed.

They cleared them well, but they failed to destroy the key material evidence - Lenin's corpse in the mausoleum.

The first English Lenin (Jacob Richter) and part of the revolutionaries were killed by the Russians in June 1918. In 1919 in Germany, the Germans also killed revolutionaries, including Rosa Luxemburg. In England, the crisis began. Revolutionaries run out rapidly and hardly survive. It is possible that there was another Lenin, whom they also managed to quickly destroy. The British press wrote in response to reports of the death of revolutionaries from diseases in Russia, that "in Russia there is only one deadly disease - a bullet!".

Whom to send? Who is in the mausoleum in Moscow? With the greatest degree of probability, as the whole topic now looks like, the main teacher of revolutionaries in Switzerland - the US specialist, the leader of the US socialist labor party, Daniel De-Leon - was sent to Moscow.

De Leon theoretically died in February 1914, according to well-known data in the Jewish Wikipedia. But did he die? He was in debt and could go to Europe to start a new project. De Leon was previously sent by England to the United States for the purposes of the revolution, and he and other Jews organized a parallel workers' party - they seized control of the party in the United States in the 19th century ("Operation Kangaroo"). It was him who England actually took from the USA and transferred to Europe, having previously buried him fictitiously? That is, as early as February 1914, the entire plan of the First World War was prepared and the entire composition of revolutionaries for Europe was concentrated in Switzerland.

  De Leon is one of the most powerful ideologists of socialism, who has no equals in the world. Only De Leon could send all the philosophers of the time using 4 cheerful letters, and he did so. In terms of the scale of the figure of that time, only De-Leon could be the very Lenin, whose image was so popularized in the 20th century. London sent the last reserve to Moscow - the main teacher of the training school in Switzerland. De Leon was a linguist and taught at a university in New York - he spoke many languages.

Everyone remembers in Samara (Russia) that Lenin was in Samara and even said such a phrase: "Samara is like Chicago." This is recorded in the official history of the city of Samara. Samara remembers that Lenin was red haired. Why redhead? Because he was gray-haired and was painted by Krupskaya (from England) black with henna-based paint. There was no other paint then. The paint was washed away and we see red hair. They tint again - he’s black-haired. And a little more plastic from the Jews in the castle of Montreux and Lenin’s here for you? This version that Lenin is De-Leon has been worked out by a Polish man from the USSR who actively insists on it and today in the USA by Grigory Ivashko. In the US, he is professionally engaged in the geneology of the Jews.

  Let’s look attentively at Lenin and De-Leon. Here in the photo, what did the photographer want to show? It’s hard to see here, but in paper, in albums about Lenin of the Central Committee of the CPSU, this moment is visible - regrown gray hair roots. This is given to us by the photographer.

Hammer means a hammer. Remember Armand Hammer? This Jewish boy was from this very Jewish gang of New York.

The English special services are the God who chose God's chosen people (Jews). Taking advantage of the fact that Jews often suffer from schizophrenia - they are maniacs - they love money, they are sadists and murderers, English intelligence recruits again and again from the Jews new cadres for revolutions. The Jewish organized crime group works for the British intelligence Mi5 - it supplies new personnel against the peoples of the planet. This is not glory for the Jews, but their misfortune.

  Following the footsteps of the gang was the Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov. He was in Germany, in England and in the USA. In 1960, he moved to Montreux, where he established surveillance of this nest of Jewish fascists. In 1977, Nabokov was buried in the cemetery - next to the castle. Nabokov in the photo. Does he look like novelist for women?

  Lenin's corpse must be identified and transferred to the United States. This is their citizen same as Trotsky. It is necessary to check - to carry out the identification of the corpse of Lenin and of De Leon - to do a genetic examination of the entire gang of revolutionaries from New York, Chicago and London. The press service of the Bolsheviks, John Reed and Inessa Armand, who headed the Moscow Region, was buried in the same grave in Red Square in Moscow. 150-200 citizens of the USA and England are buried in two common graves. It is necessary to dismantle these burials and the remains of all these Bolsheviks are to be handed over to the USA and England.

  London and Switzerland must be carefully worked out. This gang killed  has killed millions, hundreds of millions of people! The Third World Nuclear War is exactly their plan today.

Note to the article: Boris Reinstein was the secretary, the deputy of De Leon in the USA. In Russia he headed the Comintern and was also Lenin’s secretary. He entered Russia with the Mission of the Ruta - the Mission of the Red Cross - with US officers and bankers.

A.N.Kolmykov,  Specialist in the field of forensic examination and forensic science, Russia, Samara.
Translated by Ben Vladyko. Russian text

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