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WW3. Russians do not need Jerusalem!

The video shows a typical performance of propagandist Jewish fascism. The rabbis and priests of Judaism before the coming of their  Messiah predict (how they dream about it and do everything possible for this!) a big war between the religious currents of Islam and Christianity ... The main goal is to foment, to provoke a war between Muslims and Christians, so that they would kill each other as many as possible in this slaughter.
"The period when the time of work ends and the time of payment comes, is called the days of the Messiah. But before we wait for these days of the Messiah (the arrival of the Messiah), there must be a war of Gog and Magog. The war between Christianity and Islam ... ... there will certainly be a clash between Christianity and Islam before the arrival of the Messiah ... "

Leaders of Jewish fascism are trying to implement this scenario. To this end, Israel and the intelligence services of the United States and England created ISIS  and on behalf of Islam actively killed Christians in the Middle East and other places. It is for provocation of war that they are trying to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel and provoke a war with the demolition of the Al-Aqsa mosque. And it seems that their entire construction is logical and takes everything into account. But no! This is not true! The Russians will not fight for Jerusalem for one simple reason: Christ is the Russian prince - Isa #Jesus. He was crucified in Constantinople and modern Jews have nothing to do with this story.

Just to remind you that even 100 years ago, they dreamed of creating Israel on an island of Madagascar. The impetus for the creation of Israel in Palestine became the actions of the English Lord Rothschild in the fall of 1917. The story is known and we will not stop there. It is necessary only to remind that the real name of the city of Jerusalem is Bayt al-Quds - “Holy Temple” or Madina al-Quds - “Holy City”. This is due to the Al-Aqsa mosque, and has nothing to do with Jewish fairy tales.

It makes sense to analyze the funded scenario of the Third World War. The scenario, which in fact has two options, and these two options are funded at once.

The script is very primitive and is written in the spirit of "Flat Earth". Moreover, at first glance, the plots of the scripts seem to contradict each other.
Option 1. The Third World War will take place between Christians and Muslims in the battle for Jerusalem, as the preacher of Jewish fascism tells it in a video at the beginning of the article.

Option 2. The Third World War will occur between Satan (the United forces of the West - "Euroanal") and God - the "Forces of Light", where Christ and Muhammad (the Combined forces of the present Islam and Christianity). Satan conquers God and then the Forces of Evil rule for 1000 years.

Analyzing the presented two options, you can see that these are not really the options of the Third World War, but its stages. At the first stage, the warring parties of Christians and Muslims are weakened, and at the second stage, these Forces of Light are destroyed by a single blow by Satan - the forces of the West and their homosexuals - Satanists.

The project was comparatively well propagandized and it was going on since the war of the USSR in Afghanistan, but it was not possible to ignite it on the religious theme. Russia-USSR is not a purely Christian country, but a multicultural and multi-religious one. Moreover, the actions of the Jewish fascist-Trotskyists significantly weakened the religious component of the Russian state, and it would be a bad joke to call Soviet soldiers crusaders. The wars in Chechnya and now in Syria began very successfully, where Islamic extremists of Israel actively positioned themselves as the warriors of Islam, but in the end all these jihad fighters turned out to be from the Jews and the topic was discredited. In Syria, it is the finishing up of the Jewish fascist Islamists - the topic stalls.

On the agenda today is the war in Europe, where the warriors of Islam will converge in a battle with the Christians of Europe. Everything seems to be ready for this, as earlier modern Judaism was created by England based on the old sect of the Jews in Islam, and today Wahhabism is a sect in Islam. Almost complete repetition of the script. Typical scenarios are actually only a half dozen and a thorough study of history reveals typical London schemes, which are implemented by Mi-6 and Mi-5, as well as by the special services of the United States and other countries under their control for about 300 years without interruption.

The date of the outbreak of war in Europe should be considered Brexit, when England leaves the European Union and closes the border with Europe. Six months are left before this date.
Given this upcoming battle between Christians and Muslims in Europe, it’s time for us to begin our counter-propaganda, based on a true story, and not Jewish tales. The essence of the story is as follows:


1. The Jewish Khazaria is a fiction of the 20th century for an attempt to create a Jewish state on the land of captured Russia in 1917

2. Jews who are Ashkenazi, this is Germany - refugees from Germany. The events took place in the time of Catherine II. In Europe, refugees from Semites have accumulated as they do now. They decided to expel them. They called them Jews who crucified Christ and began to persecute them. 3. All those migrants in bulk were called Jews and especially evil. They composed the Talmud for them, where they recorded every kind of abomination. This Talmud was shown to everyone and everyone was explained what a Jewish scum was those who crucified Christ. They began to beat migrants.

4. Previously, the Jews were not allowed into Russia. Then Catherine the 2d, in agreement with Europe, decided to let these migrants, called Jews and beasts, with the Talmud. These very Semitic natives began to cross the border of Russia. They said about themselves: "They call us the Jews who crucified Christ. And we did not crucify Christ! We are IVRY (ewry)! ". So the word Ivri - Jew (ewry) ended up in the Russian language.

Reference: IVRY (ewry) is the one expelled for crimes from a Muslim village in the Middle East. i. e, it is Muslims initially.

5. The report of the officials to Catherine: "We cannot document the arriving Jews, since they have no names or surnames, but only nicknames like those of animals!" (Hai, Mushka ..) Catherine ordered: "To give the Jews animal names in the Russian manner." So there were Jews with Russian surnames: Соловьев, Медведев, Зверев, etc. These are the very first Jews who crossed the border. Then they went with the documents of Germany and the names in the German manner.

This was Catherine II who identified the places of settlement of those Jews - places of compact residence - the Pale of Settlement. It was necessary to legalize the stay of these refugees. Otherwise, the local population would revolt and kill the refugees.

Can you imagine an ancient people with a culture without names? So Ashkenazi are not Jews of the Old Testament, but converts in the last 200 years. They are Semites. They were sent home to the Semites. There is a word anti-Semitism, but anti-Jewish is no such word!

6. The history of the Jews was written by a Christian Theodor Herzl. The Hebrew language was conceived in the 19th century. The Jews were formed as a national group with history and language.

All these Jewish clowns in “Alt Rebe” hats are students of the very first “Alt Rebes” of the 18th and 19th centuries that were hired by freemasons of Europe to make Jews from Middle Eastern migrants and to make them all leave for Palestine. The Jews were gone. The Biblical project is closed. Period! #Jesus Christ is the Russian prince. His name was Isa. He was crucified in Constantinople. In St. Petersburg, there was erected the Isaac Cathedral. Russians are peasants. Peasants are not a profession, but religion. St. John the peasant baptized everyone and behind him came Isa, whom they crucified. Isa, in turn, is revered in Islam as the righteous one of Islam. So everything is intertwined and on conceptual issues, Christians have no contradictions with Islam.


Russian Orthodoxy is dual faith. Do you believe in Jewish Christ? Come in! Do you believe that Christ is Russian? Come in! Do you believe that this one is the righteous of Islam? Come in! The Cross itself on an Orthodox church is an outdoor advertisement of all meanings.


Modern Jews must stop killing Semites of the Middle East and realize that they were originally Muslims themselves. Jerusalem is not related to the events of the Old Testament. Russians do not blame modern Jews for crucifying Christ.

Given the fact that the Russian media is captured by the West and Jewish fascists, counter-propaganda is necessary to be lead by the Internet community – by active bloggers. Throw the whole subject to the West on all channels.

Why is there no hope for our media? After the victory, all the leaders of the Russian media need to be put in jail and executed for treason - for complicity in the Third World against Russia!

Continued: Every 100 years, the Russians burn Moscow along with the rats of the West! The time has come!

Translated by Ben Vladyko

Russian text

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