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The Holocaust, 6 million? It Has Not Passed In The Court of Russia!

"And why not swing at William, you know, our Shakespeare?"

  The United States are imposing sanctions on us, Israel openly claims on our land, on the Khazaria invented by the Jews, and Putin and Russia never give a symmetrical or asymmetrical return. The Foreign Ministry and the Kremlin are misleading law enforcers, calling Israel, England and the United States our partners. For many years of insults, sanctions and shooting in the Donbass, must someone answer?

   The problem of the current state of society is that Israel, Britain and the US are openly waging war against us in Chechnya, Syria, and Ukraine, and the propaganda pretends not to notice it. Well this is crazy! Propaganda broke away from reality. And the people live in the real world and discuss the problem in the measure of their own knowledge of the Russian language - falls under the Criminal Code article - extremism. As a result of the lack of a clear target designation of the enemy, the special services act as a continuation of the enemy encirclement - they put the people in jail for calls to struggle against attacking Jews and Anglo-Saxons. But this is wrong.

  Here you see a poster on top of the page. The history of this poster is bloody and known - payment for genocide and terrorism, for the killing of the Russian population: "Ukraine. Jewish Fascism ordinary" (Russian and English text about genocide)

  The poster's author is PrivatBank Kolomoisky, who is a citizen of Israel, Switzerland and Ukraine. In addition, he is the president of the European Jewish Union (EJU), established to coordinate the activities of Jewish communities in Europe. This union literally unites and represents all Jewish unions in Europe (as indicated in the information on its creation). Why do we usually need such unions? It is logical to аssume that they are intended to receive the next tranche for the Holocaust from Germany. It turns out that the money for the Holocaust in the same number is paid for the murders of Russians? So is not it time for us to stop financing genocide and terrorism? For the fifth year the war is on and this is more than the Great Patriotic War. It's time to stop it and end it with our victory!

Benya Kolomoisky in the photograph is wearring a T-shirt with the inscription "Zhidobandera". The print run of these T-shirts was released in Israel and many were wearing them there, judging by the reports of the forums. He is the sponsor of Chabad.

  We will focus on the Holocaust. Now in Perm city, a lawsuit has begun, where for the first time in Russia the figure of 6 million Jews, victims of the Holocaust is being discussed. Accused is Yushkov. For his doubts about 6 million Jews killed, he is charged under Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code - Rehabilitation of Nazism. As evidence in the case, the prosecution submitted a verdict to the court of the verdict of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, where there is such a figure - "according to Eichmann, Lieutenant SD - a passport officer in Vienna." Eichmann himself in Nuremberg was not interrogated. The US prosecutor called the passport officer "the evil himself" and that he killed everyone. The passport officer is to blame.

  The period: The order "On the final solution of the Jewish question", which the court did not see - April 1942 and the end of the accounting of Eichmann - October 1944. Total: 2 years.

  Please note that the accused R. Yushkov does not try to call war criminals innocent and somehow to glorify them. He only doubts the figure of 6 million. At the same time, the Jewish sect of Chabad, which opposes Yushkov, came out with a demand to recognize Canaris as the "Righteous Among the World". There's nothing to discuss here! Grab the sect and apply art. 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, 282 of the Criminal Code. But the opposite is happening – the accused Yushkov, patriot, anti-fascist.

  History: The verdict of the Nuremberg military tribune was read out on September 30, 1946. A special correspondent from the newspaper Pravda makes a publication about the text of the verdict. The whole Soviet people and Comrade Stalin are reading the newspaper Pravda. Errors are not allowed. The Comrade Beria's office is working properly. The editorial board accepted the article only if it was checked and signed by the prosecutor Rudenko to the press - the prosecutor from the USSR at the trial. Who doubts this?

  On October 3, 1946 was published an article of the special correspondent of the newspaper Pravda at the Nuremberg Trial V.Velichko in No. 235: Crime and Punishment. Nuremberg October 1, 1946g. / Newspaper Pravda October 3 № 235. A fragment of the article is shown on the photo. A copy of the newspaper is certified by the signature and seal of the scientific library in the city of Samara.

A fragment of the article with the numbers of losses of the USSR.


  There are differences in the contents of the verdict of the Nuremberg trial dated 30.09.1946, located in the State Archives (GA of the RF) with the content of articles on the verdict of the Nuremberg Trial in the newspaper Pravda on 2d and 3d October 1946.

In the articles of the newspaper Pravda, on October 2d and 3d, 1946, it is reported about the killed Soviet citizens and 6 million Jews were not reported. The text contains a group of figures that allows you to identify the verdict pronounced in the tribunal on September 30, 1946:

- 15 million civilians killed;
- 10 million died in the fields of war;
- 275 thousand of the elderly and sick were killed by poison;
- 7 million corralled into slavery.

Western newspapers report on the verdict in Nuremberg that 2 million Germans were guilty and 1 million Germans were sentenced to death.

Newspaper: The Daily Herald, date: 01 October 1946.
Country: London, England
Briefly: They were the members of the S.A.-the Storm Battalions-cleared of criminality by the Nuremberg Tribunal. But about 1.000.000 other little men became liable to the death sentence.

  The differences revealed indicate a change in the original content of the text of the verdict of the Nuremberg Trials, the disclosure of which was completed on September 30, 1946 and the text of which was placed in the State Archives (GA RF) fund 7445, inventory 1, 1648.


The expert recommends that a criminal case be opened upon the provision of a falsified document in a criminal case and, within the framework of an investigation, to restore the original text of the verdict on the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, on documentary films and shorthand from September 30, 1946, to reconcile the sentencing of the Nuremberg Tribunal from the State Archives RF), fund 7445, inventory 1, file 1648.

Specialist Kolmykov A.N.

Author of the article: Revision of the Nuremberg Trial. A.Kolmykov. Revising the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal / International Journal of Russian Studies, Wilmington, DE 19803 U.S.A., ISSN: 2158-7051, ISSUE NO. 5 (2012/2), Copy, URL:

Speaker at the international forensic conference, Moscow, MSUA, 2013 "Falsification of Documents by the US Occupation Regime in Russia." Section "Forensic science".

The findings of a specialist colleagues agree. All FOR. The only criticism comes on the topic that when clarifying the verdict on the archives of the Tribunal and the Foreign Ministry, its content may change drastically - definitions for war crimes, against peace and humanity will disappear ... This worries everyone. We answer all: Do not be lost! 6 million Jews will disappear and the victims of the USSR will appear. Everything else will remain as it is. Lawyers can sleep peacefully. The magnificent achievement of humanity, which is the text of the verdict of the Nuremberg military tribunal, will remain intact and will be even better.

Germany! They received in return 6 million of the Holocaust and not from us. Originally Anglo-Saxons with the Germans wanted to hang the Holocaust on Russia. The topic was canceled because the White Army was defeated in Russia. It was already inconvenient to present the Holocaust of Jewish power in the USSR.

Translation: 6 000 000 Jews were massacred, ..... this statement is confirmed by official documents submitted to the government in Berlin, which show that numerous pogroms are raging in all corners of Russia. 20.07.1921. The New York Times.

History: Mid-1920 - the occupiers are hitting mercilessly. In autumn, the entire headquarters of the Anglo-Saxons were killed. Press Service of the occupiers - John Reed. The head of the Moscow region - Inessa Armand - in one grave on Red Square. Obviously the mayor's office in Moscow was taken by storm and everyone was killed at once.

1921 is an uprising in Kronstadt and further everywhere. Churchill described chemical ammunition for use in suppressing insurrections - he described everything by himself. They lost power and the Holocaust appeared with the accusation of Russia - the same 6 million Jews.

In 1999, the court in New York examined the Holocaust and determined that the victims of the Holocaust are: Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals and crazy. Thus, today it is necessary to clarify and confirm the Holocaust figures and conduct mutual settlements, reconcile excess money paid to Jews by Germany and Swiss banks, redistribute the already paid sums to our Gypsies in historical Russia and the USSR.

Greetings to the entire legal community from Ilyukhin. Interview with Viktor Ivanovich Ilyukhin (1.03.1949 - 19.03.2011). Ilyukhin reports: For fakes in the archives, they used genuine typewriters, stamps, seals, forms of Stalin's period of life

An example of a document that President Dmitry Medvedev conveyed to the Polish side about the events in Katyn, the murder of Polish officers - with a marking of signs. The document is presented on the website of the Federal Archival Agency of the Russian Federation

News: August 2018, the trial process in Perm city, defendant is Yushkov:

There are three versions of the verdict text of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal:

Option one - recorded in the newspaper Pravda from 3.10.1946.

Option two - killed 6 million Jews in the POINTS of the destruction of people. The points are secret, no one has seen them. Not in a concentration camp, but near (the text is presented in the indictment at the first stage).

Option three - the prosecution submitted to the court from the State Archives on request, as allegedly the most original Russian text - 6 million killed by INSTITUTIONS for the destruction of people. This text is claimed to be as the original authentic Russian text of 1946. The text does not have signatures of Rudenko and other employees of the USSR Prosecutor’s Office, there is no data from the secretariat - there is nothing. This is only the text of the typewriter It corresponds to the modern American version of the sentence.
Feel the difference. Bad luck! Who killed and where did they kill and were there 6 million in principle? The claim of 6 million is a political one and Nuremberg military tribunal has not been established. Moreover, the absence of 6 million in the newspapers of that period suggests that when the sentence was pronounced, this figure did not sound. With the greatest degree of probability, the text of the sentence has been changed later - an investigation is needed.

The head of the Jewish community of Kharkov, Edward Hodos about the Holocaust: - "The cry of the Holocaust began in 1998 in New York, but the impression is that it was always been. This is the result of the work of the media and propaganda!"
Why do Zionists block the study of the Holocaust? It's simple!
HOLOCAUST: Once again I give a list of publications about 6 million Jews.

Judging by the dates, the Holocaust began in the United States in 1869. 1870 (1869) - the year of the beginning of Zionism. Russell, the head of the Jehovah's Witnesses sect, began urging Jews to leave the United States and go to Palestine. Russell is the first Zionist. Jehovah's Witnesses in New York in 1999 were recognized as victims of the Holocaust, although they are virtually absent in Europe. This is an American Jewish sect.

Charles Taze Russell; 02.16.1852-31.10.1916.

1863: President Abraham Lincoln and Alexander II (1855 - 1881) had problems with the Rothschilds. Russia resists attempts to create a central bank under the leadership of the Rothschilds in Russia. The Tsar of Russia unexpectedly gives help to President Lincoln.
The Tsar of Russia issued an order that if Britain or France actively intervene in the American civil war to help the South, Russia will consider such actions as a declaration of war and will side with President Lincoln. To show that he was not joking, the Czar sent a part of the Pacific Fleet of Russia to the port of San Francisco, and another part to New York.
From the Russian fleet to the shores of the United States were sent all the ships  capable of performing cruising operations - intercepting ships and ships of the enemy in the ocean.
It was announced that Russia opposed the slave trade.
That is, Russia came out against the slave trade of the South of the USA - against the Jewish business of that time
Despite the North's victory over the South, despite the fact that Russia freed all slaves and we stopped the slave trade, Lincoln was killed and all the results of that war went to the Jewish fascists of England. Despite the victory, we lost that war.
As this topic now seems to be, the British once again seized control over the North of the United States by their agents and killed those who were with Lincoln - the creative branch of Judaism - the leadership of the Sephardic - Cohen. Chicago burned down, 10 thousand died, and all the money fell into the bank Morgan Chase - under the control of the Jewish fascists. The Capitol, the  Third Temple on the Hill under construction, was taken away from the Jews.
The decoration of the temple leaves no doubt. The temple was completed by Satanists masons of the Scottish Rite - the Jews of London - the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.
That's when the Holocaust started. The Jews were driven from the USA to Palestine, then they armed Germany and Hitler. Further all history is known. In the 20th century, Jews were expelled from Europe to Palestine.
The court was used the conclusion of a specialist historian:
The conclusion of Professor Mikhail Suslov, a historian, in the Perm case on 6 million Jewish victims
The first time the Holocaust was considered in the court of Russia. A jury trial acquitted the accused R. Yushkov under the articles of 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, 282 of the Criminal Code. Religion of the Holocaust in Russia has not passed!
There is no Holocaust!

History of the Second World War 1939-1945. In 12 t. T. 10. / USSR Ministry of Defense, Moscow: Voenizdat, 1979. - 543 pp.: 73 l. Il., maps.
WW1, WW2, WW3 - revolutionaries of England

September, 2018

Translated by Ben Vladyko

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