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2017. The Jewish Fascists Again Attacked Spain! Overview history


  From 1917 to 1935 Jews actively exterminated the population of Russia on the territory of the Khazaria invented by the Jews. But after the famines of 1931-33, the genocide gained fame and it became inconvenient to declare Khazaria. Here the Sephardim remembered that Spain is the land of the Sephardim. All Jewish fascists went to fight in Catalonia (to Spain). The war in Spain ended in the defeat of Jewry and they beaten went back to the USSR. And there they were met by Beria at the head of the NKVD – People’s Comissariat of Internal Affairs (Stalin shot Ezhov) and he dragged "the Spaniards-internationalists" to be shot as Trotskyists. The officers-patriots took revenge for the victims of the famines. The propagandist of the fictitious Jewish Khazaria - Lev Gumilev was also imprisoned.

 The war in Chechnya and Kiev is a continuation: after the last unsuccessful attempt to seize the Khazaria invented by the Jews with the help of the Islamists of Chechnya, Kiev was captured. The Armed Forces of Ukraine should have taken Grozny way back in the autumn of 2014 and go to Kazan. But the officers of Ukraine sabotaged the war and the war got bogged down near Donetsk. And then everyone remembered why the Jews blew up Chernobyl and to declare Khazaria became uncomfortable. And then the Sephardim remembered that Spain is the land of the Sephardim. In Catalonia, the struggle for independence began. The Jews were pulled to gallop in Barcelona, ​​and Madrid in advance was pulling up troops ...

JEWS! Get the f—k off from our continent! The Third Temple is the Capitol! You were expelled from the United States, the temple was taken away, your kohens  were killed by Masons of England and the United States. The temple was taken away by the Masons - see Capitol!

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The Battle of Khazaria. Crimea. History of the 20th century

History of the Jews, Third Temple

The war in Chechnya and Kiev is a continuation of

2014. Ukraine. Jewish fascism ordinary

The Chernobyl disaster was a terrorist attack. Article for special services

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