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The Holocaust Is a Lie

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  Jews all the time poke us in the face with the topic of the Holocaust. They speak for their dead. It's clear. But we also will not forget our dead. Fine! But we must take everything objectively into account, so that there is no distortions. Let's analyze this complex topic. For example: In Babi Yar, as alleged, the execution of Jews took TWO DAYS. From the testimonies  of the witnesses 400-450 people were killed per day. In two days - about 800-900 Jews. Will it be objective? So the rest of the days, who was shot there? The Russians were! Kiev knows this. This is the strongest offense for the people. Kiev remembers and resents law enforcement officers for the fact that the truth is not established and people are not mentioned.

   And when the Jews begin to claim that tens of thousands of Jews were killed there, Kiev and Ukraine accuse Moscow,  as a legal successor to the USSR, for lack of justice and protection of the memory of the dead, although who prevents to open the archives of Kiev in free Ukraine? Here is a photo. Where do you see the Jews? These are killed Russians! Tens of thousands of Russians were killed! And the  monument hat stands commemorates the Jews? The people are unhappy and that's correct!

The figure of 6 million Jews killed is in the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal ( Russian edition of the verdict): "Adolf Eichmann, to whom Hitler commissioned the program, estimated that six million Jews were killed as a result of the policy, of which four million were killed at points of extermination."

 I.e, the figure is not the result of the investigation. This figure has not been established by the court, but was simply included in the text of the verdict with the indication: "According to Ehmann." The Nuremberg Tribunal did not investigate the figure and it was not confirmed by the investigation!

It is necessary to verify the verdict of the Nuremberg Trial with its original. In the documents of the USSR prosecutor's office there is no information about 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust:
1. Prosecutor Rudenko (USSR) materials of Nuremberg.
2. А сertificate from Spandau prison on the verdict of the Nuremberg trial - from the administration of the USSR

The objective figure of the Holocaust victims:
"... according to the available data provided by the World Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation, in which unavoidable repetitions and exaggerations were corrected, there were 17,583,057 Jews in the world for 1962. 1,485,292 people allegedly died during the war for various reasons. The second conclusion drawn by their other sources - also verified - provided by Raul Hilberg in his "Destruction of European Jews" (Raul Hilberg, "Destruction of the European Jews") is that  18.265. 601 survived, while in the time of war 896,892 Jews were killed. "

  Thus, the figure of the Holocaust lies within the boundaries of 896 892 Jews minus the natural decline in population for natural reasons. Minus the problems with survival in wartime from the disorders of life and the real figure of the Holocaust will be approximately no more than 100,000 Jews, which is even less than the decrease in the population in the zone of occupation (military actions) for indigenous peoples in these territories.

Some Jews were killed in the army of the USSR. Not all of them were with the Zhirinovsky family in the Tashkent front!  Just about: 50,000 Jews died in the Wehrmacht of Germany – the Jews in the service of Hitler. 5,000 Jews were on the side of the allies of the United States and Britain. For example, Kissinger was a sadistic special service person in the US Army.

  We killed some number of the Zhidobandera  UPA “Ukrainian Insurgent Army" -UPA, incidentally, is also a unit of the German Wehrmacht and it is impossible to attribute them to Ukraine and assign them to Ukraine either legally or organizationally.

Saakashvili looks at an exposition in the Chabad Jewish Museum. Written: "The Jews in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, UPA (in Hitler's Army)".


So how many victims are left for the Holocaust?

The version that Germany saved the Jews and killed the Slavs is quite logical and can be confirmed by an objective investigation of the case.  "WW2. Khazaria.War in Ukraine 2014-2015"

The Concentration Camp in Belarus just confirms this version of the events:

Conclusion: The figures of the Holocaust are insignificant. It's practically just what George Soros shot with his Dad and the SS in Hungary and the groups similar to him in Poland, etc. And also, according to the same scheme, the same 800-900 Jews in Babi Yar were killed..

So what do we have left? We have the Jews left in the service of Hitler - against the USSR. Where is the legendary Holocaust?

Now everything is logical and understandable. The Ukraine: The Holocaust is canceled! The feat of militia of Mariupol. Day of Victory
Berl Lazar, Chabad: We study the holocaust

Note: Under the USSR, in the memorials of the concentration camps in Poland and the GDR there was not a word about the Jews! This entire topic of the Holocaust began around 1996.

A.Kolmykov. Revising Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal / International Journal of Russian Studies, Wilmington, DE 19803 U.S.A., ISSN: 2158-7051, ISSUE NO. 5 (2012/2), URL:

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