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Hybrid war

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Note the many dead writers and actors. ISIS is a TV project in London and to have collected all this gang of impoverished actors for the known television productions. At the end London always kills refinement - removes witnesses. There is no ISIS. There are bands created by West and Israel, which kill the population of Syria and the Middle East. And these actors do not kill anyone, and play scenarios against the backdrop of the desert.

Ukraine - the same way: Semenchenko - dropout student of the Moscow school of acting, allegedly commanded a battalion of the Nazis in Ukraine. "Taking off the mask" at the end of 2014, he actually took responsibility for the actions of an unknown military special enforcer from the West (Israel) - for the massacres in the southeast of Ukraine.

Strelkov (Girkin) - a specialist in reconstructions of combat operations. He imitated the action of armed groups, to justify the use of heavy weapons in Ukrainian cities by the gang in Kiev - TV project. The gang Khodakovsky, Girkin (Strelkov), Boroday.
It accomplices of genocide of the Ukrainian population, and they must be taken into operation - put to trial.


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