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Will Begin The Third World Nuclear War!

August 27-28 Will Begin The Third World Nuclear War!

Caution -Danger! The Third World Nuclear War! # WW3 #Nuclear

As against us acts a gang of Jewish Satanist schizophrenics who do not have a normal education, who are complete fools and morons, you have to expect them to take the most unlikely solutions such as the third world nuclear war. Initially, according to their satanic plan, a nuclear attack on Israel was assumed - Israel  would blow itself up with a dirty nuclear bomb in a truck, with responsibility on the Iranian nuclear program. Kerry promoted this theme, but Iran has refused to take part in this delusion to become a source of nuclear war with the destruction of India, China, Russia, the Middle East - a plan to reduce the population to 1 billion people. The second option under consideration is China's nuclear strike against the United States. But this is nonsense - China was also against it. Where would then China ship off her goods to? And so the third or fourth option of provocations will be expected.

Grown in the West, Kim Chen Ying (as Pol Pot grown in Paris) - their man would hit the US with an atomic bomb. Recently they are showing starts of some kind of rocket from some kind of submarine out of the water, and all have to believe that Korea has this technology.

The fourth option - Russian nuclear strike on the US. Of course, both in the third and in the fourth option neither Korea nor Russia will not be to blame. A US suicide bombing nuclear charge is planned – a high-altitude nuclear explosion of high power, with the result that all communications will break down due to  electromagnetic pulse. They certainly will not go all out of order, because of widely used optical cables, they will be just switched off and the United States will be under martial law with the dissenting protestants in the concentration camps. In other words, now they decide who will answer for this - Korea, or Russia? We certainly do not agree too! Let the North Korea be glorified throughout the whole planet, like Afghanistan and Bin Laden for 9/11. But from the Jewish idiots one can expect any options!

The time of the attack on the US or Israel they are apparently planning to tie to astrology, and other satanic crap. The media started raving about the approach of Mars to the Earth at a distance of visibility as a second moon. Allegedly, this event happens once every few hundred years. There is a fifth option. This will be extra-terrestrials! The date of the event has been indicated - August 27, 2016. For those in Russia it will be on August 28th.

Reference from astronomy: the approaching of Mars to the Earth down to the Moon size is not possible. The opposition occurs every 26 months. But, once in 15 years, there are so-called "great"confrontations, when Mars comes close to the Earth at a record 55.7 million kilometers. The last time the planets lined up in such a manner was in August 2003, next time it will be 27 July 2018. It is also very far and is not comparable with the Moon. Comparability of Mars with the Moon is an absolute nonsense of Jewish idiots. But the gang is frostbitten to such a degree that such technical expertise from the goyim is considered nill: - "All the same, we will kill them all!".

Right now Lavrov from Putin, Kerry from the Jews and Satanist Staffan de Mistura are discussing the topic in the nest of Jewish Satanists - in Switzerland. The negotiations have been going on for more than 10 hours! Whatever happens, everyone should be aware of the satanic headquarters in Switzerland at Lake Geneva, London and Chicago. In all cases, these three centers of Satanism must be destroyed completely. Follow the news. Our fleet has left ports just in case of emergency, the troops in the west and south are in full combat readiness.


Translated by Ben Vladyko

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