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WW3. Russians do not need Jerusalem!
США не летали на Луну!

The video shows a typical performance of propagandist Jewish fascism. The rabbis and priests of Judaism before the coming of their  Messiah predict (how they dream about it and do everything possible for this!) a big war between the religious currents of Islam and Christianity ... The main goal is to foment, to provoke a war between Muslims and Christians, so that they would kill each other as many as possible in this slaughter.
"The period when the time of work ends and the time of payment comes, is called the days of the Messiah. But before we wait for these days of the Messiah (the arrival of the Messiah), there must be a war of Gog and Magog. The war between Christianity and Islam ... ... there will certainly be a clash between Christianity and Islam before the arrival of the Messiah ... "
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