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США не летали на Луну!

Человек, который уничтожил Блока

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Да. Иногда человека можно уничтожить Величием. Порядочностью. Не продажностью. Именно так Гумилев уничтожил Блока, которого "заставили" травить Николая Гумилева и акмеистов.

Как сильно разошлись пути и судьбы Гумилева и Блока.

Александр Блок всегда сочувствовал русской революции, работал в комиссии по расследованию преступлений царского правительства, написал поэму "Двенадцать", где оправдывал бессудные расстрелы и грабежи, а во главе революционного сброда кощунственно поставил Иисуса Христа (Гумилев говорил, что этой своей поэмой Блок вторично распял Христа и еще раз расстрелял Государя). А Николай Гумилев никогда не скрывал своих монархических убеждений, ни в личных беседах, ни на литературных вечерах, и не захотел их скрыть даже на допросах у чекистов.

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США не летали на Луну!

The Cold War is a bluff! It is necessary to carry out the arrests!

 In order to understand the term "Cold war", which is inextricably linked with the 20th century and its continuation in the 21st century, we’ll have to consider this topic in most detail. First let’s find out the American point of view, because it’s they who paint the "Picture of the world" - the Anglo-Saxons have introduced such an expression, denoting the history implemented by the USA around the globe.

   Liz Cheney,the daughter of the very Cheney, received the best education in the U.S. and for ten years worked in the administration of the President of the United States. She published an article which contains "the world Picture" for the aborigenes of other countries.

The article LIZ CHENEY (Liz Cheney), published June 13, 2009 in The Wall Street journal (USA) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124744075427029805.html

  "The White House ought to take a lesson from President Harry Truman. In April, 1950, Truman signed National Security Council report 68 (NSC-68). One of the foundational documents of America's Cold War strategy, NSC-68 explains the danger of disarming America in the hope of appeasing our enemies. "No people in history," it reads, "have preserved their freedom who thought that by not being strong enough to protect themselves they might prove inoffensive to their enemies."

  So, the date of the Cold war beginning should be considered the date of signing NSC-68. Considering the military-political situation in that period, it should be noted that on 24 August 1949, after the ratification by governments of countries which joined the North Atlantic Treaty started to be bloc NATO. International organizational structure was established, to which obeyed a huge military power in Europe and worldwide. In fact, since its founding, NATO has been focused on countering the Soviet Union. In this regard, considering the history of events it can be argued that the document signed byTruman was a program for NATO and strategy for the future.

On 25 June 1950 NATO begins to act in concert - Korean war begins as North Korean infantry and tanks crossed the 38th parallel.

   From the article by Liz Cheney about the end of the cold war: " It was a global battle between tyranny and freedom. The Soviet "sphere of influence" was delineated by walls and barbed wire and tanks and secret police to prevent people from escaping. America was an unmatched force for good in the world during the Cold War. The Soviets were not. The Cold War ended not because the Soviets decided it should but because they were no match for the forces of freedom and the commitment of free nations to defend liberty and defeat Communism".

  The U.S. position is clear to us! But we disagree, because there are key contradictions between the American "world Picture" and objective reality.

1. "Revolution in Russia". Lenin is not Ulyanov and it's not his body that is now in the Mausoleum. It is a U.S. citizen, the labour leader Boris Reinstein. Officially, the corpse has not been recognized and not transferred to the USA!

Published in scientific and Lenin is not Ulyanov. This is a U.S. citizen. Expert Conference, 2013: http://www.cneat.ru/old/lenin-konf.html

  In 1917, it was not revolution in Russia, but an was an attack on Russia in the same composition as that on Libya: US, UK and France. The U.S. took over Russia in 1917 and are ruling it since then through their appointees (the Jews).

2. The Second World War was organized and conducted by Jewish and Anglo-Saxon criminal gang.

3. February 10, 2010 Moscow hosted a conference of historians about the Cold war, where there were reports of not only civil historians, and historians of intelligence.

    N.I.Egorova, doctor of historical Sciences, chief researcher, Institute of world history of Russian Academy of Sciences: "The USSR and the Korean War: New Approaches," reports that the Korean war might not have begun if the USSR representative would have used its VETO right in the UN. The representative of the USSR did not attend the meeting.”

The Korean war has mobilized and shaped NATO, systematic contributions began for its maintenance and for the purchase of weapons. The "confrontation" has started.

   N.N.Platoshkin , doctor of historical Sciences, associate Professor of Moscow University for the Humanities: "The United States and the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile (according to documents of the state Department and the CIA)” reported that all the documents in the administration of the USA about the USSR-Russia are stamped "CLIENT"... He quotes the speech by Kissinger: " Socialism doesn't need to come into the country on its own, and people under socialism should not rejoice."

    S.V.Ratz , candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor of conflict studies at the philosophical faculty of St. Petersburg state University: "The KGB of the USSR in the Resolution of Political Conflict in Afghanistan (1979-1989)” reported that it was Andropov, and no one else that has initiated the deployment of troops to Afghanistan. Six months before the introduction of troops carpet bombing of Herat was carried out by our long-range aircraft. Thousands of civilians were killed without military necessity. That’s why all the doctors and builders of the USSR were mercilessly killed, and our troops were met with active resistance. In Afghanistan there were killed about 100,000 of our soldiers and from 1 to 1.5 million Afghanis. The military quote the numbers clearly inflated three times. All losses should be divided by 3 or should be called as the total of the dead and wounded. The historian is recommended to clarify the concept of "losses" in the army's interpretation - the total sum of the dead and wounded.

4. The USSR confirms the bluff about US flying to the Moon 1969-72.: http://www.cneat.ru/luna.html

5. Andropov! This is the most interesting character of history. At the first place of his service all were arrested and he could be that he did not serve there at all. It is believed that he came from USA just like Posner. In April 1973 Andropov joined the CPSU Central Committee, and in May 1973 Rockefeller opens his bank at the Red Square in Moscow.
Isn’t it evident that this non-Russian is a Jew?

6. In 1975 the monument to the “heroes of the 1917 revolution” in Kronstadt is opened , which repeats the symbol of NATO in Brussels.

The monument to the” heroes of the revolution of 1917", opened in Kronstadt in 1975.

The symbol of NATO in Brussels.

7. In 1977 the USSR signs a documents that it has no claims on the transaction in connection with the transfer of Alaska to the gold Russia has not received.

8. In 1978 there was a revolution in Iran and Rockefeller oil industry was nationalized.

9. In the spring of 1979 explicitly by the Rockefeller order bombing of Herat was carried out Thousands of civilians were killed. The USSR military necessity was not involved. Moreover, many Russian teachers, doctors and construction workers in Afghanistan were killed by the Afghanis after the bombing.

In December 1979 began the invasion of the USSR in Afghanistan, and obviously on the orders of Rockefeller. There was no Soviet interests in that. The goal of the Soviets in the war with Afghanistan were: the pipeline from the Caspian sea to the South and blocking of the pipes of Iran in southern Afghanistan. U.S. forces and NATO still perform the task that was carried out by the USSR army in Afghanistan.

10. In 1980 USA boycott the Olympics in Moscow and at the same time large supplies of imports come into the USSR.

11. In 1983 a Korean Boeing was shot down in the Far East. Since then 28 years have passed, and all is known.

  In the US a Congressman appeared who decided to become President of the United States. He advocated the investigation of the revolution in Russia and the Cold war bluff. He was invited to the anniversary of the armistice in Korea and thinking that it was already the start of the race, Congressman Larry MacDonald accepted the invitation.

  It was the very same flight 007, New York-Anchorage-Seoul. In Anchorage, the plane was detained for refueling for 40 minutes and it was a USA reconnaissance aircraft that flew in air corridor loaded with defective goods from the landfill of industrial waste. It was exactly this plane which was simulating the flight of Boeing aircraft in our airspace. It was exactly this plane with a smooth decreasing imitated the fall and threw off the garbage at low altitude and then returned to its base. The USSR didn't hit it. f

   The Korean Boeing 747, KAL flight 007, was flying in its air corridor and not deviate from the route. It was shot down much South of Sakhalin island by U.S. air force - September 1, 1983. About 300 passengers and crew members were killed. Andropov took responsibility for the USSR, but he failed to present bodies or wreckage. They were collected by the US Navy ships in the Japanese Islands. The whole story of the flight on that day is known to the Japanese side and it is still kept in Japan as classified.

12. The activities of Rockefeller and his men to reform the colony-USSR-Russia in the late 80's and early 90's are well known. Today the Rockefeller people are represented at Highest School of Econo mics in Moscow, which prepares employees for the Government, the administration of the President of Russia, for Putin and Medvedev.

13. Vladimir Pozner, this character came from Europe and obviously entered Russia for propaganda through the USSR media on the Western TV viewer about the Cold War bluff.
The reader will ask a fair question, why all of this? Why all this farce? The answer is given by a history Professor from the USA. I will retell him popularly in my own words.

The idea of J.P.Morgan was as follows:

In order to compete in a free market you are limited by the rate of return of 10%. If you want to get more than 10% profit, then you need to have preferential treatment from governments. (If you have a stall at the station, then settle with the cops so they break up your competitors).

But what about if you create a state without competition? And what if it will be a socialist state? And if this is the camp of socialism - a few countries where everyone is working for soldering, and all purchases are made by the state? Then you can sell there anything at any price and to buy anything you want at your price!

And in order that no one except you could take advantage of that, these countries need to be imposed an embargo - a ban on trade, to set up a blockade. This must be done so that third-party countries could sell to the socialist camp only through you.

Embargo against the USSR-Russia was introduced in July 1918, simultaneously with the beginning of U.S. troops invasion. http://www.cneat.ru/lenin.html

The amendment of Jackson-Vanik is still in force.

The point is not in the amendment itself, but in the order of trade: only with the permission of the United States, where the authors of the embargo have their own geschaft.

With the help of such an invention, Morgan has secured super profits both for himself and his investment Bank, which are absolutely not possible in the normal order of conducting investment activities in free market conditions. Morgan invested in the Jewish terrorism against Russia and the seizure of power in Russia. Then Morgan Bank was involved in the export and the distribution of his capture – Russian gold.

The model of present-day Russia has not gone far away from the original Morgan’s model. All live on minimum pensions and salaries, small and medium businesses are ultimately crushed, only large companies and state corporations develop - "State capitalism". Embargo still exists. All is as it was. The model is not changed. Social spending in Russia is reduced, and the rest is exported to the USA under the pretext of purchases of U.S. government bonds.

Please note the change in interest rates of Central Banks of different countries with the beginning of the "economic crisis". By changing of the rates it is possible to visually determine the colonial position of other countries. Business is literally forbidden by the loan rates for the indigenous population of Russia. Under the guise of investments businesses and the markets of Russia are sold off. Russia is for sale together with its cheap labor and cheap scientific staff.

Antony C. Sutton.Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution / Buccaneer Books. 1993. ISBN/ASIN: 089968324X. ISBN-13: 9780899683249.

  In connection with the above, I propose: as soon as in Russia the government is Russian, to submit Larry MacDonald for the title of Hero of Russia posthumously!

In order to put an end to this question,I will quote simple examples of today.
Photograph of the building of the CIA in the United States.
Photograph of the building of the Main Intelligence Agency (GRU) in Moscow.

  You clearly see that the contracts for the architectural project were done with the same budget by the same firm as Macdonals around the world? The CIA-KGB-FSB is one structure and they just have a different encoding. Now there is no doubt that the leadership of the KGB-FSB is always the Americans and Israel.

And where is our counter-intelligence? Are they all traitors of Russia?

Emblem Military counter-intelligence.
Emblem of the U.S. intelligence community.

   What are we all to do with that bunch of degenerates, scum and traitors of the state? The military will have to do everything by their own hands. And who else, if there are no more officers in Russia?

    The author, an officer of the army of the USSR-Russia sends his greetings to the officers of the U.S. Army and sends them this article. Russian officers say Hello to the veterans of the Korean and Vietnam war, say Hello to all the officers of all the armies of the "Cold war" of all countries: - "It is now our business! We have to take to court all this criminal gang and put it in jail. They stole the money for the Cold war, this is the same gang in the US, in Europe and in the USSR-Russia. The gang must be taken!".

  As for the Cold war, it was the plunder of the countries members of NATO and the U.S. budget. Money on the Cold war was stolen by Wall Street. They collected money for the fight against the Communist threat, but such threat did not exist. They themselves ruled over all the "socialist camp". It is the most common fraud - crime!

  Frightening is the fact that under this bluff were conducted wars and millions of people worldwide were killed. They just killed the goyim, including Americans.

The revision of the Nuremberg trials http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2015/04/ww2-ww3-revising-nuremberg-war-crimes.html
Chernobyl is a Jewish-American terrorist attack, a sabotage. Radiation in Europe http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2015/04/the-chernobyl-disaster-was-terrorist.html

Chechen War. Kill Dudayev, 1996 http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2013/04/war-in-chechnya-kill-dudayev-1996.html

  All this necessarily requires the international criminal court. Let the Americans take from the Kremlin their Jewish American citizens, if we don’t put them in prison or accidentally don't kill them.

The photo shows Kissinger. He's not that clever, as some might think.


News network:
Grandson of Andropov beaten in Moscow, the investigation is headed by a major  Brezhnev, G. 7.02.2011

To analyze the case with the heir to one of the most powerful Soviet leaders and the head of the KGB assigned a namesake of his colleague.

31-year-old grandson of Yuri Andropov, the head once in one of the worst secret police of the world, was attacked by thugs. This was reported by Life News, citing a source in the police Department.

According to a source, 3 February, about 11 PM, Konstantin Andropov, coming out of the subway, headed home, but after a few tens of meters lost consciousness after a blow to the head. The attackers did not touch his stuff and did not take the money.

The mother of the victim Tatyana Kardakov suspects revenge-driven enemies of her son in the attack. To check out the attack was directed major Brezhnev, head of district OVD "Tver".

Next week the grandson of the former Secretary General and head of the KGB was going to apply for admission to the graduate school of the FSB.

Just a reminder: Constantine Andropov and his sister Tatiana, until recently, lived in the USA, but three years ago, Constantine returned.

He’s been already attacked it. It was three months after returning from overseas. Agreeing to have a drink with unknown men in the area of the Kievsky train station in Moscow, the grandson of Andropov was robbed and almost stripped naked.

LUSTRATION: In Russia (CIS) and in all Eastern European countries it is need to carry out lustration! The theme is worked out by historians of Russia and Ukraine in 2010 http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2013/09/blog-post_26.html

США не летали на Луну!

WW2-WW3. Revising Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal

A.Kolmykov. Revising Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal / International Journal of Russian Studies, Wilmington, DE 19803 U.S.A., ISSN: 2158-7051, ISSUE NO. 5 (2012/2), URL: http://www.cneat.ru/nurnberg.html



The USA have captured Russia in 1917. [1]
The USA have captured Germany in 1918-1919. January 15, 1920 general G. Allen, American forces commander in Germany, has entered the following notice in his diary: “According to the American point of view, Germany - strong, and at the same time in American financial bondage, must become the major armed force of the USA in Europe.” [2]
Later the USA have brought Hitler to power in Germany and Stalin in Russia. Hitler and Stalin were both puppets in the hands of the USA.

Hitler determined Jews by their ethnicity: he emphasized their features and began their liquidation. But those were Ashkenazim whom the Sephardic Jews did not consider as Jews. That’s why the subject of Holocaust requires most thorough research as something different is hiding behind it. Just think: 150 thousand Jewish soldiers and officers of Hitler army could repatriate to Israel according to the Israeli law of repatriation. [3]

Protestants in the USA. Jehowa’s Witnesses is a Judaic sect. The works of the sect founder Charles Taze Russel (16.02. 1852- 31.10 1916) indicate Judaism and Zionism, but not Christianity. 1878 became the year of decision making in the history of the Jewish people. Orthodox Jews achieved prominence. At that time Russel was consumed by a new doctrine. He has developed a doctrine supported by a number of Jewish leaders in America and Europe. This is what he taught: Jews do not need Jesus, there shouldn’t be any messiahs among Jews, it was wrong for the Jews to accept Jesus as their Lord and Redeemer. The land of Palestine belonged to the Jewish race (they are not a race but a family) and now God was calling them back to Palestine. Russel was the first Zionist.

Russel visited Jewish leaders around the world – he travelled in the United States and abroad. He appeared in many meetings with lectures. His topic was “to teach to preach the return of the Jews to Palestine” as well as “the future Jewish government and the State of Israel”. In 1910 Russel was greeted by thousands of Jews at New York City hippodrome. He promoted the idea to bravely take away the land of Palestine.

1914 was the year of World War I beginning and the World Zionist Federation initiated immense pressure upon the British  government to declare Palestine homeland of the Jews. Jehowa’s Witnesses think Jesus’ presence has begun invisibly.

According to their understanding of Biblical chronology, the time of invisible Christ’s presence upon His return began in  the fall of 1914 when the full-scale military actions of World War I have started. [4]

On the photo is seen the battlefield of World War I.
“Those living on Earth Jehowa’s witnesses will not participate in the annihilation of evil people in Armageddon, they’ll  just watch how it would be done by God; however, those resurrected ones for the heavenly life Jehowa’s witnesses from those “anointed” ones - or 144 000 - under the leadership of Jesus Christ will take immediate part in the annihilation of the evil ones as “spiritual persons.”[5]

In other words, way back in 1914 it was preplanned to annihilate all the people just leaving 144 000 on Earth? It is  obvious that the idea of the Russel & Co sect organizers has left its trace in their texts of Jehowa’s witnesses who consider themselves protestants but in reality they are a Judean sect.

Considering the logic of the public enemies, they have arranged an Armageddon for us and we have survived it in the 20th  century as two World Wars etc. That’s why the history of WW I and WW2 requires most thorough research. Historians still keep arguing but it seems sufficient to conclude the following:

The purpose of WW I was:
- Destruction of Europe;
- Conquest of Russia and Germany and their destruction;
- Creation of the state of Israel;
- Utmost killing of the Goyim (Gentiles).

The goals of WW2 were:
- Creation of the state of Israel;
- Destruction of Europe and Russia;
- Utter killing of the Goyim (Gentiles).

Stalin knew about external manipulation of Germany by America and he couldn’t comprehend why Germany should attack Russia?  Why “the boss” should kill his own “vassals”? but this is only from the point of view of common logic, whereas if we look from the point of view of extremists Judeans then the logic is obvious: the Goyim should be killed!

As of 1944 Germany still kept currant contracts about military and technical provision with USA (Rockefeller & Co). Rockefeller was providing Germany, among other things, with Zyclon B gas for gas chambers and of course American specialists have considered suggestions from “consumers” by improving, executing technical assignment, training on the spot, employing technologies. [7]

The USSR was run, most likely, directly from the American Embassy and Stalin was just a puppet. The key player was the NKVD  (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs), KGB (Committee of State Security). That was, most likely, the occupants’ structure, running the colony, and its leaders were CIA (State Department) staff members.

In connection with the above mentioned it becomes clear that the annihilation of USSR military cadres before the war and  complete neglect to take measures to protect USSR against Germany’s attack had its purposes:
- Maximal USSR population losses;
- Wide scale warfare on vast territories with maximal losses of civilians;
- Prevent curbing the war as a near border conflict;
- To secure maximal losses of both sides.

Was it possible not to observe such a plan?

Rudolf Hess (26.04. 1894 – 17.08. 1987)

Official information:
May 10, 1941 Rudolf Hess, being furer’s deputy of the Nazi Party, according to the official version,  secretly from the Nazi leadership, has flown to Scotland with the purpose to propose to the British government to conclude peace and together fight against the USSR.

Unofficial information:
Hess tried to tell the British that Germany was run by the USA. He didn’t suspect that the British government knew that and were the traitors to their own people. Rothschild &Co was in cahoots with Rockefeller & Co. WW2 has been planned together by Jewish and Anglo-Saxon groups.

Rudolf Hess was definitely a hero of the German people. He fought bravely at the frontlines of WWI: first he was a  battalion commander, then he was a pilot of “Richtgoffen” squadron headed by Goering. He was wounded twice, was awarded with 2 Iron Crosses. He was a lieutenant when the war was over. He knew first hand what war was about. He tried to prevent the war.

Hess didn’t participate in the war against the USSR, but in 1945-46 he stood the Nuremberg trial being the 2d after Goering  on the list of the war criminals. He was sentenced to life imprisonment (a Soviet judge insisted on corporal punishment, expressing his special opinion). Hess was imprisoned for life at Spandau prison in Berlin. After release of Speer he remained the only prisoner at Spandau. He never repented in anything. His last word at the Nuremberg trial was: “I don’t regret anything.” 30 years later in a letter to his son he wrote the same words.
Historian Alexandr Osokin: “By the end of  the 1989s when the USSR leadership was finally inclined to free the 93 year old prisoner from life term he was murdered – strangled at Spandau prison with imitation of suicide.”

At the time of his death August 17, 1987 there was nobody at Spandau prison representing USSR authorities. The prison was run in turn by USA, England, France, USSR. The official conclusion was written by British administration. One can assume they were the ones who killed him as his confessions would be dangerous for the ruling regime of England. After Hess’s death the prison was immediately demolished in such a haste that it was impossible to conduct a second inspection of the spot of crime. Rudolf Hess’s son engineer Wolf Rudiger has for 14 years carried on the investigation of his father’s death until he died of a heart attack. He described in detail the way he saw what had happened on that day at Spandau:
”My father was killed by 2 Mi-5 secret service agents who changed their uniform (even though usually it’s Mi-6 agents who liquidate  unwanted people abroad). The USSR KGB was not informed about the planned operation. It has been done so quickly that it didn’t even get its usual code name. The agents arrived at Spandau prison upon receiving the necessary instructions. They tried to strangle my father with a 4 feet cable, but he began to break away and cry for help – later about that gave his evidence an American sergeant Jordan.
Later followed “artificial breathing” resulting in broken ribs. In 1989 they have given me Hess’s complaint to the Spandau administration (the experts have confirmed he wrote it April 4, 1987) where he demanded to fire the security guard who told my father: “when you decide to commit suicide make sure you call me for help.”

I also have an audio recording of a conversation of 2 officers made by the special service at prison:”The summer house in  the garden will be burnt down within 48 hours and even the main evidence – the electric wire – will turn into smoke. Nobody  will ever be able to prove the old Nazi didn’t hang himself.”
The house was indeed burnt down and the Spandau prison itself was demolished in a week –a shocking speed. When the body of my father was exhumed by the internationally known professor Spann in Munich it became evident that he was first strangled and later hung on a lamp wire: on his neck is the double trace from the noose. I passed the documents to Scotland Yard which opened “a case of murder”. Soon, however, by the general prosecutor Alan Green the case was stopped without explanation of the reason.”

On the photo of the Munich court medical expertise resolution can be clearly seen two bands – the lower band from the string from the first strangulation, and higher up another one from hanging up. (8-9)

The article’s author proposes to prolong the Nurember trial on the basis of newly discovered circumstances without revision of current boundaries.
It is necessary to consider the opinions about prevention of WW2 aftermath revision and the Nurember trial should considered as an opinion of criminals who are still socially dangerous and are a threat to humanity. Both such people and their opinions are a threat to humanity. Again they are planning to implement the same ideas as Pol Pot (Salot Sar) in Cambodia (Campuchia), but with transfer onto the whole world which is a conscious annihilation of population.

It’s necessary to remind that Pol Pot studied in Paris and most likely it was no accident that he headed a former French colony Cambodia, having killed later most hideously and sadistically 2-3 million people. In order to save food the extra people were simply killed on industrial scale. Similar ideas are openly proposed today by certain people in USA which demands a legal assessment.

Continuing the theme:

WW2, WW3. Khazars. The war in the Ukraine (2014-2015)

Chernobyl is a terrorist act. Article for special services http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2015/04/the-chernobyl-disaster-was-terrorist.html


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Court expertise specialist, deputy head of CNEAT institution, Kolmykov, Anton Nikolaevich
International conference of court expertise, 2013
US confirms everything. They plan to continue to kill!

WW2, WW3. Khazars. The war in the Ukraine (2014-2015)

США не летали на Луну!

Плагиаторство Солженицына довольно занятно

Оригинал взят у matveychev_oleg в Плагиаторство Солженицына довольно занятно

«Жить не по лжи»
В 1957 – 1958 годах по Москве шнырял малоприметный человек, изъеденный злокачественной похотью прославиться. Он нащупывал, по собственным словам, контакты с теми, кто мог бы переправить на Запад и опубликовать пасквили на родную страну. Товар был самого скверного качества.

... Расхожий лозунг, выброшенный им, "Жить не по лжи" оказался простым перифразом энтээсовского лозунга "Лжи - правду!".
Как об этом было заявлено еще в программе НТСНП 1938 года "Лжи - правду!", так назойливо и повторяется при всех хозяевах НТС*. Причем в глазах заправил НТС фраза эта несет совершенно четко определенную семантическую нагрузку, это пароль, по которому они отличают "своих".

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США не летали на Луну!

Утечка от «Бильдербергера»: банки готовят к краху

Оригинал взят у matveychev_oleg в Утечка от «Бильдербергера»: банки готовят к краху

Член Бильдербергского клуба, неизлечимо больной Линдси Уильямс сделал несколько поразительных откровений о том, что нас ждет в ближайшем будущем, и о планах иллюминатов в отношении человечества.

Золото и серебро – единственное, на что еще можно рассчитывать. Все активы и денежные средства, которые вы имеете, как можно скорее необходимо конвертировать в золото и серебро – срочно, пишет caplimpede.ro. Поспешите, потому что иллюминаты готовят банки к краху, и это случится очень скоро. Мы входим в депрессию, скоро все будут совершенно бедными, и это случится в течение ближайших двух лет, мы падем до уровня крестьян и крестьянского быта. Вы не должны зависеть от недвижимости, активов (богатства, наследства, инвестиций и т.д.).

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