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The battle for the Khazars. The Crimea. The history of the 20th century

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Rus text:

   The Crimea and a large part of Ukraine has always been the land of Russia. The division was done by the enemies of Russia, who created the necessary background information and carved up the USSR (Russia) apart. Separation of Ukraine and Belarus is the same as the Divided Germany - FRG and the GDR. People are against this division. In 1991, a referendum was held in the USSR and the entire population voted in favor of life in a single country. Breaking the decision of the people and the referendum, the Soviet Union was divided by the enemies of Russia and its peoples. As is now known, it was the United States and England, their henchmen who carried out this task. Annexation of the Crimea to Russia is just as a happy event as the reunification of Germany.

The history of the peninsula of Crimea still has a bloody page someone’s trying to hold back and Jewish media would not tell you about it. In fact, the story is not over, and the war goes on continuously. That’s that’s why everyone should know the past and the perspectives of the Jewish claims to Russia. Everyone should know the positions of the parties.

A few years ago on the Russian television channel TVC in the program "The Moment of Truth" Mikhail Poltoranin, who was the first vice-premier of the Russian government and the State Commission for the declassification of KGB archives, he explained why Khrushchev whose true name is Perlmutter Nikita Solomonovich, transferred Crimea to Ukraine.

Presenting to your attention the sensational facts, released by M.Poltoranin:

"Khrushchev had inherited the Crimean problem. Even Michael Lurie (known as Yury Larin, leader of the revolutionary movement -. Ed.)  declared the idea to establish a Jewish republic in the Crimea, when there was no Birobidzhan or Israel. This idea was tossed to him by ​​Rosenberg of "Joint" (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee).

In 1922, in Simferopol they formed "Agro-Joint" and began to resettle Jews in Crimea. They began to create there Jewish collective farms. 186 collective farms were created. They were Jews from Belarus, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. The Jews could come from everywhere. In 1923 "Agro-Joint" in Moscow organized an exhibition of agricultural equipment and more. Here's how it would be in the Crimea, if we can help Jews to resettle. Lenin, already sick, went to the exhibition and gave the nod.

The Soviet Government received from the "Joint" 900 thousand dollars annually by 5 percent over 10 years. To do this, the USSR issued bonds, stocks. Under the provision of the Crimean land was divided into shares. To start the action, 200 people received the Crimean land shares. The then President Hoover got a share, the future president - Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor got a share, Louis Marshall received a share (an American lawyer and public figure, one of the largest US Jewish leaders – during first three twentieth century decades belonged to the Jewish elite of New York, which consisted mainly of families immigrants from Germany - Ed).. Then  many others (politicians, businessmen, bankers) got their shares. Several million hectares, the whole of Crimea, in essence. That is in fact the Soviet government took a loan under promissory notes, which stood for the Crimean territory. And if we are up to 1954  do not pay the loan, the debt, then we give the Americans the land of the Crimea. Stalin annihilated this idea and in 1934 he created Jewish Autonomous Republic with the capital Birobidzhan, because of the unrest in the Crimea. The Crimean Tatars did not let in  the coming trains, and were returning them. They began to smash the Jewish settlements. Stalin said that we could not kindle the flame of national hatred. The bills remained with the Americans. Everything else went on as before, loans were being taken.

In 1943 Stalin complained to Joseph Broz Tito. Djilas who attended the meeting recorded the conversation. Stalin told Tito that he could not send him a part of the American Lend-Lease (state program under which the United States passed its allies in World War II ammunition, equipment, food and strategic raw materials, including oil products - ed.)., because Americans threatened to freeze it. The Jewish lobby in America is very strong, and they require me to continue the project "Crimean California." We can not (say the Americans) open the second front, as long as you do not take a decision on the Crimea. Then Stalin ordered to prepare the deportation of Crimean Tatars. America's financial oligarchy needed the Crimea.

 And then, in 1945, US Commerce Secretary Harriman - in my hands is a strictly confidential letter - was supposed to arrive in November to see Stalin and resolve the issue of the Crimea (reads):

"Dear Averell!

President Truman approves your plans. He has added only the following: the existence on the territory of the Crimea of the Black Sea Fleet base and the Soviet Jewish republic is incompatible. The Crimea should become a demilitarized zone. Let  Stalin know, that he must be prepared to relocate the fleet from Sevastopol. "

Poltoranin continues: "That is, to give away the Crimea  no longer as a Soviet republic. No, the Crimea – as a Jewish independent state. That includes, in addition to the Crimea, Sochi to the border with Abkhazia plus Kherson region, plus Odessa region. That is to create Israel not in Palestine, but in the Crimea.

 Stalin began to argue, saying that there was a Congress in Basel in 1897, and it was decided that the homeless Jews would create their own state in Palestine. Against it were the English. They seized Palestine during the war (British Mandate). And then Stalin gave the order through Bulgaria to supply the Jews in 1946, who were fighting against the Arabs and the British. Tens of thousands of rifles, machine guns, howitzers were delivered.

Stalin began to rub his hands: we have helped, Israel will be in Palestine, it’s all over. But there were bills to be paid. We have not yet quenched them, the time has not yet come. And when the time was coming  - 1953, then .... the fact that Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine, it was done by Stalin like homework. All the bills were signed by the Government of Russia, the RSFSR. Despite the creation of Israel in Palestine, the idea to get the Crimean California has remained. And when Golda Meir came to the USSR as the Ambassador of Israel,  in two weeks they have organized two meetings. Each consisted of 50 thousand people. Those were people from Moscow, St. Petersburg, some arrived even from Siberia. Earlier, when they wanted to create Israel in the Crimea, they recommended Mikhoels as the head of the state. When Golda talked with Stalin, he suggested Kaganovich. But Golda insisted on Mikhoels.

When they organized the meeting with the requirement to fulfill the promise to America, to give the Crimea, then the idea to eliminate the fifth column has matured: to send it to "New Earth", away from the border. Already 17 ships with barbed wire and other devices have been sent for the camps. It was an operation called "Ptarmigan", because the Bolsheviks would never have agreed to pay for their debts with the Crimea. The Black Sea - it is already a strategy, "- concludes Poltoranin.

The whole story from Poltoranin is certainly interesting. "Ptarmigan" could have been invented later for justifications. We work on the basis of facts and we have other information to supplement and correct the historical picture.

17 ships with barbed wire is nonsense! Why is the barbed wire needed on the New Earth? There's nowhere to run away there. Who will be unloading it from the ships? If steamers are being sent, the Jews have to be present on those ships. This fact does not exist. That’s why it is a fiction of the Jews in order to justify their crimes.

It was only in the beginning that the issue was about the Crimea. Jewish commissioners originally planned only really pick the Crimea for themselves that’s why in the first years of their reign, 1917-22, they violently exterminated the population of the Crimea, and as it is now known, the corpses there were counted  by train cars and not by piece.

Later, when the occupants realized they could take even more their claims extended even up to Kazan and the cleaning of territories was done by all means - famines, dispossession, Decossackization, deportation, etc. Meanwhile, by some strange means, all those plans were lobbied by Churchill and this territory of the Khazars invented by the Jews was linked by Churchill with the opening of the Second Front.

As much as it is known about the events at the Tehran Conference in 1943, it was but Churchill who set as a condition for opening of the Second Front the transmission to the Jews of the territory of the invented Khazaria. Literally he said the following (the witnesses were there): "We've already cleared up the area and we just need to modify only a little ...." At that moment, it seems even Stalin himself was not aware of the extent of the activities of the Jewish parts of the NKVD. Stalin himself was supervised by the NKVD until 1949 – a criminalist explains in the State Duma of Russia (Video 5 minutes).

The video shows the performance of forensic expert in Russian State Duma in 2013. The expert says (The author of this article Kalmykov):

1. Lenin is not Ulyanov. Lenin is a US citizen, a Jew. It is necessary to identify the corpse and transfer it to the US.

2. You can check the history by biographies. An example:

Norman M. Borodin (1911-1974). He was born in Chicago (USA) in a family of professional revolutionary M.M.Borodin (Gruzenberg). He graduated from the Leningrad Maritime College (1930), in 1930-34  he studied at the Royal Frederick University (now - University of Oslo), German Institute for foreigners at the Sorbonne, in 1934-1935 - at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University and the Military Chemical Academy of the Red Army, as well as in 1938 he graduated from the Technical University in New York. A member of the Communist Party. In the bodies of State Security- since March 1930 .: Officer of INO OGPU USSR. In 1931-1936 he was in a short-term mission in Austria, Germany, England, Netherlands, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and France, with a break in the 1934-1935 to study at the Military Chemical Academy of Red Army. Since 1937 – an Assistant illegal resident 7 (ISE) GUGB NKVD department in the United States, in September 1938 recalled to Moscow. In September 1938 - September 1941- the Head of the Foreign Department of the Commissioner for the protection of military secrets to the press and the chief Glavlit in SNK, then back on the job in the apparatus 1 of the Office of the NKVD NKGB-MGB. Since 1947, the correspondent of "The Moscow News" newspaper.

Arrested on February 25, 1949,  and June 1, 1951was sent to live in Karaganda Kazakh SSR. Since May 1952 - senior literary worker in charge of culture and life department of the newspaper "Socialist Karaganda". In September of 1953 he returned to live in Moscow, was rehabilitated in 1954. From 1954  worked in the editorial office of "Literary Gazette" and the Foreign Commission of the Union of Soviet Writers.

In 1955, was reinstated in the KGB of the USSR: the Head of department 2 of GU KGB with Council of Ministries of the USSR, since 1961 was in the current reserve of the KGB of the USSR, at the same time in June 1961 - July 1967 was the Head of the Main edition of foreign information and a board member of the press agency "News" (APN), then political commentator at APN. The Colonel (1944). Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR. Order of Red Banner (1958), the Order "Badge of Honor" (1962), "Honorary member of the KGB."

Publication: Tumshis M.A, Zolotarev V.A. Jews in the NKVD. 1936-1938 gg. / Experience of biographical dictionary. Samara: 2012. 616 p. - Page 94..

3. The lawsuit for genocide is necessary to bring to the United States and England.


As of today, perhaps there are secret agreements on the transfer of Russian territory to the the Jews, which were signed way back in the course of the conference. There are "creditors" for the ground in the Crimea. What should be done?

1. In Israel live not only Russian-speaking "Khazarians", but other normal people. Do they know that "Khazarians" in the United States have such plans with the elimination of Israel and the Holocaust on the way? Are the Shabak managers aware of the state treason within their ranks? Maybe it is time to bury some of the "Khazarians"in the Holy Land?

2. Taking into account the entire history of the 20th century and the war in Chechnya, where there was a war for the same Khazaria, a terrorist attack in Chernobyl to kill the population in these same areas, it is advisable not only to collect money from interested parties (Khazarians) in respect of the genocide damages, but also to catch this whole gang of international terrorism and execute? Invalidate all transactions relating to the Khazarians  and consider them only confirming deliberate genocide of the population in these areas. That is, if those documents are detected, recognize them as material evidence in the criminal case of the genocide of the peoples of the USSR (Russia).

3. It is necessary to continue the Nuremberg trial on the basis of newly discovered circumstances. The article in Russian about the need to revise the Nuremberg trials was published in international peer-reviewed scientific journal of the USA, where the main reviewer is Mr. McFaul -  professor at Stanford University and the US ambassador to Russia, an expert on the history of

Following further investigations, the courts and executions, we will exterminate all claimants for Khazaria, and the proceeds will be enough to restore what has been destroyed by the actions of Satanists liberals in Russia and other CIS countries.

Well, who is there to say they claim Khazaria? Come one by one! Show your shares and promissory notes. Stand closer in the firing sector!

by Kolmykov A.N.

Translated by Ben Vladyko


Continued: WW2, WW3. Khazaria. The war in Ukraine (2014-2015)

Ukraine. The Jews attacked

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The Right sector in Kiev is Jewish and the IDF. This is Israel. Interview with representatives of the Right sector on the Czech TV.

News March 23, 2014:

Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with the leaders of the US Chabad. The talks lasted two days.

Denpropetrovsk. Chabad. Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki Purim Putin declared enemy of the Jews.

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