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Belgium. Brussels. Jewish Terrorism 2016

By Kolmykov, A.N.

March 23rd, 17:51


On  March 22, 2016 in the capital of Europe, in Brussels, there was a terrorist attack, which could be called a European 9/11 - same thing, same gang of Jewish Satanists.

Europe was a long time on its way toward this day. It all started with the fact that no one in Europe  protested against the destruction of the Soviet Union (Russia), whose citizens in the referendum had confirmed that they were for the preservation of a single state, the existing borders after World War II. And then the gang went big. Yugoslavia – carving up of the country and the war - an attack of NATO, etc. etc. - a war in Europe, bombing of peaceful cities - unpunished war crimes, for which people were executed at Nuremberg.

Genocide in Rwanda should be considered as a landmark event. Rwanda is officially a former and now  actually remains a Belgian colony. In addition to the killing of Tutsis, there were white people in the capital of Rwanda who were killed. Killed indiscriminately, all of those who were caught and from whom something could be taken. The whites were killed not only for the availability of money in the accounts and their weaning, but also because they were white and could speak as witnesses to the crime of genocide. Blacks in the European Court have no faith, and so the whites were killed to remove witnesses.

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has completed its work. It was established by the UN for the prosecution of persons responsible for genocide committed on the territory of Rwanda and for Rwandan citizens responsible for genocide committed on the territory of neighboring states between  January 1, 1994 till December 31, 1994. Where are the results of this tribunal? Who organized the genocide from the "rulers in Europe", in Belgium?

The events in Ukraine is another genocide, the scenario is the same as in Rwanda and elsewhere - private military companies (PMCs) of the West are killing people and get paid for the number of the dead. At the same time, they also earn during the genocide, taking money and valuables from those whom they kill. The Jews remember a similar scenario in the Second World War - rich Jews were robbed and were promised life. Jews themselves were participating in the robbery.

2014. Ukraine. Jewish ordinary fascism. Payment for the number of the dead

  By 2016, Europe already came up with a series of staged terrorist attacks: Charlie, Kosher supermarket, etc. The gang is building up its skills in presenting information all the time. But we remember the old foils of the gang. This is not to forget that it were journalists from Israel who "accidentally" photographed Islamist terrorists. And in 2014, it was an English journalist who accidentally photographed "Jewish chemists arsonists" in Odessa and thus "accidentally" advertised the possibility of a new product - glasses from google with the video. In England there are the majority of the very ISIS headquarters, which persistently kill Muslims and Orthodox Christians in the Middle East, and wounded fighters are treated in Israel.

By 2016, a group of countries, whose ruling elite is a part of organized crime groups – clearly identified itself: Jewish international terrorism. It is countries such as Israel, the United States, England, Holland, France, Switzerland, Belgium. We must say today that the geography of the gang has been localized – the geography of the countries engaged in international terrorism using their own intelligence services. Special services either themselves are involved in carrying out terrorist attacks, or are complicit in inaction.

 Much has already been written on the staged terrorist attacks in Paris. About Belgium I will not write a lot, but will only point out the fact that the attacks took place in Brussels in several places almost simultaneously, and this requires the use of a standard set of intelligence work, first and foremost of which is the INSPECTION OF THE SITE upon explosion, shooting. In Brussels, it was necessary to check:

1. Two explosions at the airport.

2. Two explosions at the metro station Maalbek.

3. The explosion at the metro station Schumann.

4. The explosion in the European quarter.

5. The exchange of fire during seizure of the suspects.

   None of the metropolis of the world has more than two sets of qualified specialists for the inspection of the scene of acts of terrorism. In Brussels there are five locations to be examined, four of which it is necessary to examine with such specialists. Knowing the complexity and the scale of such work, we can say that for the examination it would take two or three days by two teams. In reality, no official would  comment anything until all the experts complete their jobs and all the circumstances are determined. In  Brussels they have already announced by midday what had happened and that they were looking for  suspects. Crime scenes in the evening were inundated with flowers and lit candles, the airport was opened open. Such speed is technically impossible in the actual operation by specialists. Hence,  there is once again a staged attack with real victims. In Paris, the chief investigator shot himself in the same circumstances. Did anyone shoot himself in Brussels? After the genocide in Rwanda, of course not!

   Belgium actively participates in the organization of mass murder in the Ukraine, and not only the fact that NATO headquarters is located in Brussels is the reason. "Old European culture Satanism" - Jewish fascism has deep roots in northern Europe. That is quite normal for them. A giraffe with children present is dismembered for the reproduction of Satanists. Europe is being captured by enemies of humanity. These enemies have committed and are committing crimes against humanity and therefore it is necessary to plan to free Europe and to plan a new Nuremberg trial against this gang of Jewish fascism, against Satanists.

    They themselves will not stop. All these years, and still today, this international Jewish organized crime group works out the contours of the "New World Order", which we all know in Russia. That Bolshevism-Satanism - genocide and totalitarianism. We went through it and we know everything. 1917 and beyond - Satanists from the US and Europe to Russia

It is certainly the fact that the Jewish organized criminal group has planned a terrorist attack in Europe as well as 9/11 in the US for radical change of power in the direction of totalitarianism and genocide. The very fact of the terrorist attacks on the Jewish Purim indicates the importance that betrays these terrorist attacks in the general scenario of formation of the "New World Order", which in fact has already been ruling for a 100 years and now wants legitimacy. Jewish gang wants recognition, they want the consent of the society that we will allow them to kill with impunity and rob now openly, publicly. The whole society and all lawyers are now undergoing testing. Either we accept this rule of the Jewish organized crime groups, or we’ll catch them all and execute them, restore the legitimacy of the planet Earth. New world order? They have not yet served their term in prison for the old one!

   All special services officers took the oath. All lawyers know the code of professional ethics. Work and do what you have been taught - to perform your professional duties! Army officers of all countries expect from the lawyers and the security services real operation against the gang. Army officers in time of peace are closely monitoring the legal, security services, making conclusions about the suitability of the Supreme Commander. It is worth reminding that in 1917 Army men killed all the "rear rats" for the collapse of the state and for failure to act in the rear of the army. Not only the Jewish Bolsheviks of US and Britain killed the army officers, but the army itself killed off most of the officers who allowed the enemies to seize power in 1917. Today, the army officers again remind that no one should rely on sitting off in the rear from this war.

  Once again it is necessary to recall the experience of Russia in the 19th-20th-21st centuries: Terrorism is always Jewish, even though it is not immediately obvious


The terrorist attacks in Europe. Terrorism is always Jewish. It’s Mossad, MI5, MI6.

Obvious are multiple targets where the main ones are:

1. The destruction of the white race of the continent.

2. The expulsion of Jews from Europe to a fictitious Jewish Khazaria. Creation of anti-Semitism.

3. New World Order - totalitarianism against the background of struggle against mythical terrorism - Today the Islamic.

4. Destruction of Islam and the victory of Zionism.

5. The collection of money from European countries for NATO and  for the fight against terrorism (previously money was collected to fight against communism) – a fraud.

6. Strengthening of totalitarianism and legitimization of "world government" - the Jewish organized crime groups etc.

It was actual yesterday, it is actual today, it’ll be actual tomorrow: only reservists and retirees should choose the president of Russia (Supreme Commander). It is expedient that other civil persons should not be allowed for presidential elections. Russia was destroyed immediately when the State Duma of Russia was created by general elections.

Alan - Brussels police commissioner in pink ...


Translated by Ben Vladyko

To reward the translator: Sberbank 63900263 9004435572

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Brussels, the Commissioner of Police in pink.

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