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2014. Ukraine. Ordinary Jewish Fascism, Part 2

Part 1:

A manual of Ukrainian army for self-defense forces against the American authorities in Kiev. Instruction of 9 May, 2014. Everything is confirmed.

Information transmitted to Europe, the initial notification:

Israel is participating in the fighting in the Ukraine and is preparing to relocate the Jews instead of the killed Russians.

Continuing the theme: War in the Ukraine. Jews are attacking!

History of Ukraine

Refugees from Slavyansk, Kramatorsk talk about events and shelling

Executions of vehicles with people is not shooting from closed firing positions. These see exactly where they are shooting.

News 30 September. Detection of pits filled with corpses of civilians and militias with duct tape behind their hands.

Investigation Committee Russia (RF IC): The top management of Ukraine gave orders to the complete annihilation of Russian-speaking citizens.
Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia has opened a criminal case on genocide of the Russian-speaking population living in the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic. The case was initiated by the article 357 of the Criminal Code.
According to the investigation, the senior military leadership of Ukraine gave orders to the complete annihilation of Russian-speaking citizens.

read on:

10.20.2014 year. Recording from the DVR car "Donbas" battalion – death squad exterminate the population, shooting,

Azov Battalion killing detainees. In the video, the detainee is put a pot on his head and shot through it, so as not to get dirty (the reporter did not recognize the sound of the shot). The video was sent to the correspondent from Israel. Jewish Israeli instructors probably did this record.

Israeli instructors supervise the units of the Ukrainian army and, obviously, the artillery fire.

Ukraine: The Jews - serial maniacs-murderers

Boeing 777 flight MH17 is a hoax!

WW2, WW3. Khazars. The war in the Ukraine (2014-2015)

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